The Troupe

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The Troupe

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Our story starts in Portland, Maine.

The East End docks provide a steady flow of supplicant traders and seafaring merchants, who wash in and out of the innumerous taverns with the same briny constancy as the tide. They bring with them goods from all over the known world, treasures from Barbados, salt and spices from the distant West. The bright colors, the rich cloth, the sparkling jewels - well, it’s almost enough to make one forget about the stench of piss and fish guts that oozes from each rundown cobblestone alley, where the destitute and sick make their beds.

Some folk are born luckier than others, after all - Lady Luck is a poor man’s chapel.

Most evenings, as the taverns fill with their mish-mosh gumbo of patrons, the light from many lanterns and fires spill out over the East End like taunting will-o-wisps. Beyond them, the churning of the cold grey sea is a constant reminder of change; Dynamic, merciless and ever-shifting, it can bring even the most unlikely of suitors together.

Here is where our travelers meet; Each set on accomplishing their own goals, uncovering their own dreams, surviving each day to see the next. But Lady Luck has them all in her sights.

And nothing is more ferocious than a woman scorned.

1.  Archetypes

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Open Archetypes: Sweetboy, Barman, Chef

1.1  Active

The BrokerCalrian Amaranthe

Somebody has got to keep this train wreck together, and a man with a silver tongue is worth two brawny fellas in a fight, right? Talking one’s way out of trouble is a specialty, and talking one’s way INTO business arrangements makes sure that everyone gets fed. The pretty face helps, too.

The BardMalik Amaranthe

Do you writes sad songs to play on your lute/mandolin/primitive stringed instrument, and are consistently dismayed when nobody wants to hear them? Do you have grandiose dreams about your Art? Do you consider playing basic shanties a crime to the craft? I'm sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but you've just been diagnosed with a terminal case of Bard.

The MadamAdrianna Julia

A skilled practitioner of the world’s oldest profession; Locally known as a nightgirl. You know a trick better than the next good-time Sally. Many men have professed their undying love for you (and your copious talents), but there is no lover quite as intoxicating as freedom. When the others fail to pay their share, your barter is more reliable than the setting sun.

The SharkMarlowe de le Poer

Helping out those short on goods to gamble with can keep customers coming back time and time again, and that's what you're here for. Of course, sometimes those lasting debts require firmer... Persuasion... And a stronger hand on the helm to see them rightfully paid. You are two sides of one coin - you give and you take. Our Lady Luck may be fickle, but fair is fair.

The GuardJethro Lykoi

There are a lot of travelers on the road, and not all of them are as gracious as your chosen family. Getting a head-start on preventing trouble falls to someone who knows what to look for, and who to keep away. Dutiful to the last, you will protect what - and who - is precious to you.

1.2  NPCs

The Fortune TellerSalem

Maybe religion was once your thing, but now due to 'tragic backstory' you’ve gone rogue - if Lady Luck won’t provide, then some poor sap looking to be told what to do with their miserable life probably will. You specialize in all sorts of faiths and religions, and can lie well enough to persuade your clientele of just about anything, telling them exactly what they need to hear to dish over the goods.

The Night GirlVivian du Prix

A skilled practitioner of the world’s oldest profession, known locally as a night girl. You know a trick better than the next good-time Sally. Many men have professed their undying love for you (and your copious talents), but there is no lover quite as intoxicating as freedom. When the others fail to pay their share, your barter is more reliable than the setting sun.

The MuscleGaston Trouillefou

Maybe you worked as a bouncer before, or maybe you were a simple farmhand who grew strong dragging straw and sheep around. Maybe you are the most gentle person to walk this earth. Maybe you enjoy seeing a loan shark’s snivelling face fit neatly into your giant hand, and squeezing till it pops. You do you, friend - nobody is strong enough or mean enough to stop you, after all. When the going gets rough, the Muscle gets going!

1.3  Former

Whether these characters choose to return or honor the calls of their heart, they will always have a home among the Troupe!

The Dealer — Sawyer Cook

  • The beloved elder of the group, Sawyer passed away in the summer of 2022.

The Lounge Singer — Holli Woodrow

  • Despite the popularity of her risque performances, Holli chose to follow her heart. Shedeparted The Troupe in the summer of 2022 with her new beau? following the death of Sawyer Cook.

The Gambler — Leander Sadira

  • A troubled card-shark, the arrival of his younger half-sister led Leander to reconsider his life and the choices he'd made along the way, resulting in his departure from the group in the summer of 2021.

The Bonesetter — Adina Inferni

  • Having stuck around with the Troupe to be close to her family, Adina chose to travel with Marlowe to Portland in the summer of 2021, though fled the area in 2022. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

The Night Shift — Galilee Haskel

  • After several long seasons with the Troupe, in the summer of 2021 Galilee took a hiatus from her duties to spend time with her aging father.

The Pickpocket — O'Brien

  • Long time Trouper and friend, O'Brien left in search of a missing friend in the summer of 2020.

The Dreamer — Indis Nartholiel

  • Thought to be quiet and harmless, Indis became too much of a liability after offing a couple randoms in the night. The incident sent the Troupe squabbling for a month, until she decided to leave in the fall of 2020 without saying goodbye (mostly).

The Minstrel — Mateo Salcedo

  • Overwhelmed by La Roja's opening, Mateo's stolen adopted child Orphan ran away. Mateo went out to find him with promises to return, but so far they haven't seen nor heard from the two of them.

The Boozehound — Griffin Winsor

  • Recovering alcoholic and the resident boozehound, Griffin escorted an old friend of his back to Portland in the winter of 2019. He never returned, and the Troupe assumed he found a better life, or maybe, a worse one?

The Muscle — Nicolas de Orsa

  • Adrianna's loyal bodyguard and an all-around tough guy. Joined when Adri did, and left when Adri did. Didn't come back with her, though...

The Muscle — Ruckus

  • Tough, mysterious, has a sketchy past but may actually be a nice guy. Or he could punch you in the face! He left with Mateo in their first round of adventures, but the Troupe hasn't seen him since.

2.  Location

While they are romantic wanderers at heart, for practical reasons the Troupe has taken up residence in the old Inferni Great Village Schoolhouse. It is here they have made a home of sorts, having cleared out and restored the old place to something like its former glory. From the schoolhouse, they conduct their business; known as La Estrella Roja, the entertainment parlor is the perfect venue space to perform, swap goods and stories, play a card game or two, and grow the finest kush this side of Portland.

Apart from the schoolhouse lies the run-down corral and barn, left behind by previous inhabitants. It houses the Troupe's favorite steer, Mondo, along with several horses and other animals. They seem to keep multiplying. Who brought all these chickens?