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OOC Stats

  • Created by:
  • Icon: Golden Fleur
  • Name Meaning: "Little Court" in French
  • Location: Shattered Coast
  • Foundation: April 2019
  • Disbanded: October 2019
  • Demonym: Courtisans
  • Scent: Salt, earth, water, herbs
  • Contact Point: Gen
  • Status: CLOSED
  • Character Count:
11 of 15 (5 played, 6 NPCs)
  • Player Count:
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A small collective of the remainder of Cour des Miracles, they remain in the former village of the pack. Though the full territory has shrunk to the small area surrounding the homes, they still retain pride in their status as a Court of sorts. However, they are too small to consider themselves a monarchy. They are not a pack but a group of equally ranked individuals, though it is clear they retain some noble themes. They name themselves after the French language that once dominated the Court's naming conventions, ranking themselves according to their skills.


After the events that ended Cour des Miracles, many of those that stayed to fight La Marea joined together as a semblance of the former pack. The Court Proper shifted to the outpost near Portland, Maine. The majority of those that fled went to the outpost, which is led by the remaining children of Silvano Sadira, the longest reigning King, father of the last Queen of the Court.
Though they are no longer associated as the main branch of the Court, they still communicate when possible to the former outpost. A handful of former members of the band left to join the outpost, having decided to go off on adventure on their own.
In September, 2019, the remnants of a hurricane battered the Petite Cour, causing minor water damage. However, it furthered the resolve of the Oratrice and Apothicaire to leave the seemingly cursed territory for greener pastures.


ORATRICE - Kalypso Savoy
The final Queen of Cour des Miracles, she elected to remain in the village she had worked so hard to complete, collecting with her the remaining members of the Court and family that did not want to leave. She operates as their speaker, but is more out of her own volition than any real leadership. She regards everyone else as her equals now that she is no longer Queen but willingly speaks for the collective as necessary.
APOTHICAIRE - Thyri Dawnbringer
Former Chambellan of Cour des Miracles, Thyri stayed with her half-sister and those that chose to remain in the last residence of the Court. She continues to be the group's supplier of medical remedies and care, as well as assisting in the protection of the band.
Former Nobleman of Cour des Miracles, Hibiki provided himself to his new home as their blacksmith. When the Court was attacked, he chose to stay behind with the rest of the members and the closest friend he had. He maintains himself as the band's blacksmith, making sure they are protected and armed for any other threats. He makes frequent trips to Casa di Cavalieri to visit his extended family, former members, and to keep relations up with the pack.
LANCIER - Galilee Haskel
Daughter of Skoll and inheritor of many of his traits, Galilee is a boisterous but friendly personality -- if touched with some recklessness and cynicism in the wake of the Court's fall. She is adept with her spear, both at fishing and fighting, and spends a lot of time camping by the coast, where she's befriended a dolphin.
ÉPÉISTE - Toraberā Tanaka
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NPCs (Courtisans)
Eulalie Savoy (yNPC to Kalypso)
The eldest daughter of Kalypso, she tends to bear the brunt of her mother's attention. As the first born, she has high expectations placed upon her which has given her a generally anxious disposition. However, away from her mother's gaze, she is a kind, sassy young woman with plenty of confidence.
Isadore Savoy (yNPC to Kalypso)
Kalypso's only son, Isadore retains some hesitations and fears from the disbanding of his birth pack. He struggles to be an exemplary male, especially since his sister have a better talent in combat than he, but he tries his best. Deeply caring, he can be somewhat withdrawn at times.
Athalie Savoy (yNPC to Kalypso)
The youngest child and younger daughter of Kalypso, Athalie is outgoing, bodacious, and confident. At times, she can be reckless, but she is extremely caring and altruistic. It can lead her to danger often, but it's clear that her wounds at the hands of La Marea have not hindered her personality in any way.
Merlin Knight (cNPC to Thyri)
Companion and mate to Thyri, he had a long history with Thyri before he reappeared in her life and joined them in the Court. He stayed with her after the disbanding of the Court and continues to be a helpful hand to everyone left in the Petite Cour.
Akio Tanaka? (GHOST) (cNPC to Toraberā)
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Skoll Haskel - SÉNESCHAL (cNPC to Galilee)
Former military head of Cour des Miracles and the oldest of the bunch, Skoll maintains his self-styled role as "protector" of the band (and stubbornly holds onto his last rank). He frequently patrols the surrounding area for threats and does what he can to provide for his family and friends.

Former Members

ÉCLAIREUR - Oberyn Haskel
Faced with tribulation in his formative years, Oberyn nevertheless remains friendly and outgoing, and his personality works in well with his position. Charged by a desire to be the first-to-know when it comes to the surrounding territory around his birthplace, Oberyn can be found exploring the wilds with an eager and quick fierceness that betrays his Haskel heritage. He is exceptionally feral, and more often found on four legs than not.
Issola Haskel (yNPC to Skoll)
Issola is one of Skoll's daughters, and was an unskilled teenager when the band formed. Still unsure of her calling in life, Issola tries to help out where she can, though, contributes the most with hunting and simple patrolling. She is highly intelligent though, and tends to try to find ways to improve how things are done, as well as figure out how others work.

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Maison du Coeur

A lengthy construction project started by Kalypso Savoy prior to her ascension and a horrific winter set about to build a new main living center for the pack. It was a new village constructed purely of mound homes that was meant to replace the dilapidated Chien Hotel as the main residence of the Court, located near the Les Champs d'Or. While lengthy in time, it seemed to have been a success in gaining the Court's attention and focus, completing the village before Fall of 2018. There is room for expansion, though with the demise of the Court that is no longer necessary.
Most of the homes stand abandoned. Some have collapsed without residence to maintain the structures. Those that are resided in are decorated and noticeably "lived" in, often with small gardens or rudimentary fences, wash lines, or remains of meals.
The hub of the residence area during the Court's prominence, the Community Hall, is a burned husk of its former self. Hallowed out, the few books that had survived the fire were sent off to the outpost if not claimed by the Petite Cour band. It is still used as a communal storage and gathering place. Gatherings are typically outside where the bonfire pit and handful of seats were unscathed by the fiery assault.
Much of the garden has been ruined from the tropical storm that hit the coast in September of 2019. It was once planted with many medicinal herbs and spices.
Hibiki maintains a functioning forge for his craft.

Notable Threads (2019)

  1. Without a doubt, we lost the way (05 Sep 2019)
    Kalypso calls on Thyri to discuss her recent realizations, that the land of the former Court was cursed. They agree that they ought to leave since it seems the very earth wants them out of the peninsula.
  2. When the waves hurl themselves against the shore to win (09 Sep 2019)
    The remnants of a hurricane reach Nova Scotia, slamming strong rain and win along the coast. The Maison de Coeur suffers minor flooding. Remembering the devestation of a full hurricane of the islands, Kalypso encourages Galilee and Skoll to leave the overflowing river bank to higher ground, just in case.
  3. Lay to rest our bleeding hearts (26 Oct 2019)
    Kalypso gathers those who remain in the Petite Cour to inform them that she, her children, Thyri, and Merlin, would be leaving before year's end to join New Caledonia. Everyone is told they are free to do as they please, so it is a melancholy last meeting for them all.

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