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OOC Stats

  • Created by:
  • Icon: Wave
  • Name Meaning: "The tide" in Spanish
  • Location: Ethereal Eclipse
  • Foundation: 02 March 2019 (On-board)
  • Disbandment: 25 March 2019
  • Contact Point: Gen
  • Status: DISBANDED
  • Character Count:
7 of 15 (4 played, 3 cNPCs)
  • Player Count:
4 of 7


Sometimes, people leave a wake of destruction and pain that ripples around them. The repercussions may not be seen for a long time, but, with patience, plots can be hatched and executed after what may seem to be long enough to have forgotten and let go the troubles of the past. Unfortunately, time and distance do not seem to have been enough for a handful of people who joined together to create as much mayhem as possible all thanks to a select number of Courtiers and their own rashness in the past.
La Marea was created as a temporary, "enemy" Loner Group to go against Cour des Miracles, and had the intention to act as the force that led to the disbandment of the pack. This group consisted of the seven key players that helped lead to the downfall of the Court.


They met gradually, piece by unlikely piece, until they formed a whole. Revenge, self-pride, and greed were what led them to join together under a single collective that would be deemed La Marea, the Tide, and while their personal reasons may have been different, their goal was largely the same; to chaos and havoc to those that resided within the pack that called themselves Cour des Miracles.
With a personal vendetta against the Court's leader and Reine, Kalypso Savoy, patient and cruel tactician, Andalusia de Cubana, became the unofficial leader and spearhead of the band of La Marea. She was flanked by her sibling, Matias, who acted as her right-hand of sorts. The siblings were joined by former Captain Ruiseñor Ochoa and his sister, Canaria Ochoa, along with loyal shipmates, Barracuda and Driftwood, all of whom sailed from Eivissa to get revenge for their ship (as well as for a personal slight) rumored to have been set on fire by the Rovira siblings, Paloma and Halcón. Their number grew upon coming across mercenaries, Hendrick the Red, who had been scorned by Chaska the Burned, and Crusa van Halen, who had worked closely with Hendrick in the past. A stop in Freetown allowed them to picked up siblings, Charles and Victoria Houlihan, and their companion, Barry Nash, when the gang members heard of promise to bring some worth to their names and egos. And, finally, the group was completed with the joining of mercenary, Brîska Hesso, who had a client that had business regarding a certain member of the Court.
The group arrived in New Brunswick around late February and began their search for the Court. In the midst of this, Barracuda and Driftwood stumbled across Mistfell Vale, where they met a teenager (Bennett de l'Or) who apparently had been wronged by the Court as well. Barracuda told him that, if the boy wanted his revenge, he should consider acting soon, hinting of La Marea's intentions with the pack, which eventually led to Bennett later joining their cause in his quest for revenge for his late mother. Traveling further down into Nova Scotia's peninsula, La Marea eventually found their target, and they began their operation under Andalusia de Cubana's direction.
Their first actions were to weaken the Court via poisoning their water supplies. They gathered carcasses and threw dead bodies and other wastes into the Court's main waterways, contaminating major rivers and the pack's two lakes, Eau Chaude and Anguille. This would help play in La Marea's favor, as it would lessen the number of capable fighters as well as patrolmen that could have thwarted their operation early on. Amongst these various, secretive acts, Hendrick the Red was able to take his revenge, capturing Chaska the Burned when he was alone and killing the elderly Courtier. The body was later discovered, leading to the presence of La Marea to be felt for the first time. The contaminated waterways were discovered soon after, but, not before the damage had been done. Many Courtiers had fallen ill, and a few even died from drinking these waters. Stage 1 was complete.
La Marea continued to take advantage of the Court's weakened members and defenses, engaging in a sort of physiological warfare. They rigged areas to be dangerous and deadly to the pack's own members, making use of the partially ruined Chien Hotel. They haunted the territory during its darkest hours, creating noises and shadows that kept the Courtiers on edge and weary. They scoured the borders, leaving their scent everywhere, only for them to be nearly impossible to trace back to their source. Camp sites are found littering the Ethereal Eclipse, but, La Marea is constantly on the move, constantly one step ahead of the Courtiers. At one point, Ascher Stormbringer is critically injured for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. During this same attack, the Court's livestock and other animals were set free and chased out to expand out far and wide across the territory. This acts as yet another hit on the Court, and its members are spread even thinner as they try to recover from yet another crippling bow.
Having had enough, the Court decided to send out multiple scouting parties in an effort to find their faceless harassers. Seeing this, Andalusia and La Marea's more prominent members and fighters set up an ambush to capture Reine Kalypso Savoy's children at the Niobara Stables and Racetrack, the site of Ascher's attack. They ended up severely injuring Alessan Stormbringer and Oberyn Haskel, and kidnapping sisters Eulalie and Athalie Savoy, as well as Cidro Amato de la Peña, whom was accidentally mistaken as Kalypso's third child. Andalusia left the injured with a message: for the Reine to come alone if she wanted to her children back.
The Court's leader complied, however, Andalusia did not make the handover an easy process. The girls were tortured, and one even suffered an arrow injury from a vengeful Bennett, who had played a largely minor and noncommittal role to the group up until that moment. Andalusia made her threats clear to Kalypso, and the Reine, her children, and Cidro were returned to their people, only to learn of the grave news of Ascher's death from his injuries received by the La Marea. Kalypso advised her followers to make a choice, but gave a recommendation of abandoning their home for safer refuges where La Marea would not follow. The Loner Group only wanted certain individuals, after all, the rest were just additional bonuses to their cause. By all means, it looked as if La Marea had won.
It was this arrogance of seeing the finish line that made them complacent, however. Taking full advantage of the Court's lesser numbers, La Marea raided, destroyed, burned, and contaminated whatever communal things or crop fields in one final attempt at destroying the Court and all it had. They were met, however, by the pack's most stubborn, valiant, and loyal fighters in one last battle in the name of the Court.
La Marea, driven by their own darkness, their own pride, their own greed, met their end without ever tasting that satisfaction of success.


THE TEMPEST - Andalusia de Cubana
A Spanish-speaking dog from the from the island of Cuba. Harboring hard, angry hatred for Kalypso Savoy for murdering Santiago (and somewhat for the fact her lover chose to sleep with the girl to get a false wealth), she longs to destroy what the woman holds dear, too. She spent the intervening years accumulating connections and skills for the purpose of avenging her brutally murdered love.
THE SQUALL - Charles Houlihan
Charles “Chip” Houlihan is a cocky, troubled youth from Freetown with a broken moral compass and a penchant for violence. Raised by a tough and mean-spirited mother, whose own morals left something to be desired, Charles was encouraged at a young age to toughen up and fight for what he wanted. When his older half-sister, Vic Houlihan, joined the ranks of a local gang, it became a point of pride for their mother and a burning desire to do the same for Charles.
THE RIPTIDE - Barracuda
Barracuda is a low-content coydog who was a member of Captain Ochoa's crew, and lost his beloved parakeet, Guppy, amongst the flames of the crew's ship. Out for revenge, Barracuda wants to hurt the assumed culprit as much as they did him, and he wants to pay it back tenfold. All guts, feisty, rash, and as much of a troublemaker as they come, Barracuda is a bit if a loose canon. Despite how he may do things on his own, he’s loyal to his Captain. He wears a spiked collar and his most noticeable scar is a gnarly cut on his lip.
THE UNDERTOW - Brîska Hesso
Brîska is a jackal-heavy hybrid, daughter of Kurdish immigrants who operates as a mercenary. Polite, quiet, and focused, Brîska does not seem to have a personal stake in this conflict...but her “client” does. She has decided that joining up with the others will grant her the best chance to complete her contract.
THE DELUGE - Matias de Cubana (cNPC)
Andalusia ’s younger brother, he was shanghaied into helping out his sister with her plot. He’s fully on board with everything and seems to share his sister’s sadistic streaks. Willing to invoke whatever violence is necessary, he’s a smooth talker which makes him a dangerous man to vex.
THE HURRICANE - Victoria Houlihan (cNPC)
Vic Houlihan is Chip’s older half-sister who takes after their mother in ways that are both awful and oddly welcome to him. Crude, unsympathetic, and rowdy, Vic can just as easily be heard laughing at a wholesome joke as she can screaming obscenities at a terrified child. She is wild, boisterous, and just as over-confident as her younger brother.
THE MAELSTROM - Driftwood (cNPC)
Driftwood is a mutt that is a man known more for his actions than his words. He’s a capable brawler, and is a lot stronger than he looks. He often appears to be rather simple, but, he understands and notices more than he lets on. Often, he follows Barracuda’s lead, and acts as the muscle of the two. He has a lazy eye and is built like a brickhouse.

Notable Threads (2019)

  1. [M] When opportunity comes knocking (Late February)
    Barracuda and Driftwood meet a Mistwalker who has a bone to pick with the Court.
  2. The Irish Whiskey Incident (Late February)
    Andalusia de Cubana meets and recruits Brîska Hesso.
  3. [M] Calm before the Storm (1 Mar)
    Just another average morning amongst the group while they bide their time.
  4. [M] Somebody's poisoned the waterhole! (3 Mar)
    Barracuda, Driftwood, and Hendrick poison the lake.
  5. [M] Where had I heard this wind before (Early Mar)
    While scouting out the enemy's borders, Barracuda takes advantage of having Brîska Hesso as captive company ans tries to get her to talk about her mercenary work.
  6. the waves are strong, the boat is gone (Early Mar)
    Andalusia de Cubana confronts the group's follower, a boy who also wants revenge against the Court.
  7. Creepy Creeps Creeping Closer (Mar)
    While out scouting the Court's borders, Brîska Hesso stumbles upon a patrol by a lone Ezra Vahn.
  8. [M] it runs like a river runs to the sea (19 Mar)
    While investigating the scene of Ascher's attack, a group of Cour des Miracles members are assaulted by La Marea. Oberyn Haskel and Alessan Stormbringer are badly beaten. Princesses Athalie and Eulalie are captured, alongside Cidro Amato de la Peña.
  9. [M] Drag you under, savor that last breath (19 Mar)
    After finding out that Cidro Amato de la Peña is connected to Paloma Rovira, Barracuda decides to torture the teenager to send a message to Paloma.
  10. [M] You never heard me promise you this (20 Mar)
    Andalusia de Cubana confronts Kalypso Savoy and has her children tortured in front of the Reine. Meanwhile, tag-along, Bennett de l'Or, takes his shot at revenge against the Court.
  11. Final Assault : La Marea make their final attack on Cour des Miracles.
    1. [M] The day we said goodbye in blood (25 Mar)
      Andalusia de Cubana and Matias fight against Kalypso Savoy.
    2. [M] Now we stare eye to eye (25 Mar)
      Barracuda and Driftwood fight against Thyri Dawnbringer and Ezra Vahn.
    3. [M] For one more hit and one last score (25 Mar)
      Brîska Hesso, Charles, and Victoria Houlihan fight against Skoll Haskel and Toraberā Tanaka.
  12. leave room for the wrath of God (25 Mar)
    Brîska Hesso is chased by Skoll Haskel, and narrowly escapes with her life.
  13. We, the nocturnal few bound by other laws
    Brîska Hesso reports back to her client, Khael Lykoi, and Khael murders her.

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