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Viksund grew to be a fairly large pack, and after discussions the head of each division decided that it would be best to disband and reform as several packs. Though there were more than four division, the biggest four were reformed as new packs.



Jarl- Roffe Svensson

The Soundmen take up the chuck of land directly below the city ruins on the Eastern side of the sound. The pack itself began as a subsection of the original Viksund clan, but separated like their fellow packs. They are primarily fishermen and sailors.

They are unofficially allied with the Fara, providing them with fish for trade and watching over their station towards the north of the city. Their relationship with the Eyland is not so good, there have been many petty squabbles between them.


Jarl- Per Norveç

The Fara are nomads and hold no set packlands aside from the small station towards the north of the city ruins. This station is always inhabited by at least two members and is also under the more capable protection of Sundlyðr. Before the separation, they were tasked with controlling the pack's trading and now they are a pack in their own right, they have become nomadic wandering around Europe. They return to Viksund every so often to trade with the other packs and loners in the area, at a fair rate. The vast majority of Fara's members have foreign heritage, mostly Middle Eastern and African. The Fara have excellent relations with the Soundmen, fair relations with the Farmers and a relatively poor relationship with the Islanders. The latter believing that they are "false Norse" due to their heritage.

Jarl- Kåre Guðjohnsen

Before the split, they were charged with the cultivating and harvesting of livestock and crop. The pack members still undertake these tasks, but as they've become a pack in their own right, they've also taken on many other jobs within their ranks. They take up a large space of land further into the coast. No one really pays attention to them that much, they pretty much stay in the background and out of trouble. They have fair relationships with the three other packs.


Jarl- Halle Livsen

The Islanders were primarily tasked with controlling the flow of water traffic across the sound and as warriors. Or course they are more rounded out now, but still retain this job. While there is a larger port further south at the former capital, the crossing at Viksund is both shorter and cheaper. They rightly retain the title of islanders, since their land is apart of a large collection of islands. But they were originally name because of their position of the island of Ven. Rightly this land should belong on either of the other three packs since it was formally controlled from the eastern side, therefore they were reluctant to let them officially claim the land when the split happened. The islanders still reside on the island in order to control the north/south flow, but it is not formally claimed. Historically their attempts to claim land have been ill fated. Alongside trying to colonize Ven, they first attempted to claim Kronborg castle, only to have it dismissed as there were plans to use the ruins as a market place.