The Citadel

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The Citadel


  • Location: Portland, Maine
  • Status: REQUEST
    • Only previous members of New Caledonia or those with permission may roleplay in or reference this area; please contact veldt for more information! Threads limited to LASKY.
  • Travel Information:
    • Distance to Playable 'Souls Territory: ~300 miles (483 km)
    • Average Travel Time: ~6-7 days on foot (10 hours of travel per day at 5 mph). Especially leisurely travel may take 2 weeks or more. The trip would not be significantly accelerated on horseback.

Population & Formation


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➼ General Information

The Citadel is all that remains of New Caledonia after its demise.

Once the off-board outpost for the Jewel of the North, the Citadel has become the de facto seat of power for those that remain in the Realm. Previously led by the silent Ráquen, Amon, Isiltári Fennore has been at the helm since her arrival in the summer of 2022. She remains the leader of the Citadel to this day as refugees have trickled in from 'Souls, and preserving the people and culture of what is left of their fallen pack has become paramount.

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➼ History & Foundation

With the Realm growing larger by the day and bolstering quite a few members inland, the Valar began to desire an outpost abroad where they might peddle the wares of their Dye Studio and merchant-minded folk; thus, the Citadel was born.

The first expedition was spearheaded and organized by resident Portland native, Pippa Resnor, whom the Valar entrusted with the task of navigating the city and finding an area suitable for New Caledonians to set up shop. She, along with the no-nonsense guardsman, Amon, left with a small caravan of crew members, and after several days of scouting, they settled on a building in the East End to serve as the base of their operations. Because of Pippa's obligations to the Dye Studio, she did not stay in Portland for more than a few weeks, instead handing the reins over to Amon and leaving him in charge of the day-to-day operations. He was given the moniker of Ráquen, or "Ambassador" in Old Caledonian lexicon.

For the rest of the year, denizens of the Citadel focus on repairing the building they have claimed as their own and begin to establish relations with more permanent fixtures within the city. With time, it became a bastion of New Caledonian trade abroad, and items that were not normally obtained near the Realm could more easily be acquired through the Citadel's budding influence. Additionally, many members of New Caledonia proper came to live at the Citadel for various reasons, most notably when two disruptive events shook the Realm to its core, both within a year of one another.

➼ Membership

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