Terchová, Canada

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Statistics & Foundation

Primary Map

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  • Mel (owner, creator)
  • Location: Alberta, Cananda
  • Status: REQUEST
  • Demonym: Terchován, Terchováns
  • Languages Spoken: Slovak, English
  • Archetype (Group): Hunters, Traditionalists, Spiritualists, Feral, Travelers


  • Foundation: ~1985
  • Species: Wolves, Hybrids, Dogs
  • Luperci: 70% Luperci
  • Population: 40-50 Permanent, few transient
  • Clan Leaders:
    • Tesák: Janoski Medved
    • Tráva: Kamila Porcházka

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  2.   2.  Geography
  3.   3.  Clans
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  4.   4.  Culture
  5.   5.  History
  6.   6.  Significance

1.  Description


Encompassing the greater expanse of former Wood Buffalo National Park, the area known as Terchová has long been a near-pristine environment for those animals who called the park home. Declared a protected land space shortly before the apocalypse, it was left relatively untouched by the catastrophe.

2.  Geography

Consisting of lands ranging from boreal forests to salt plains, the greater expanse of this land is grassland and delta. The terrain itself is largely flat, with only occasional rolling hills. In areas where forest springs up it does so in various thickness and make, with large sections remnants of previous fires. Evergreen grows quickly here, and is the dominant occupant of these.

  • Pine Lake

Pine Lake is a central water source for many animals, and as such, makes for prime hunting ground. Ringed by fine sand and scraggly grass, the lake attracts all sorts of animals. Birds of prey are especially common in this area, as are beavers.

  • Bobor Marsh

Bobor Marsh consists of a wetland that acts as nesting ground to whooping cranes and various other birds. The ground here is deceptive, and often plunges into deep pools of murky water beneath a cover of lichen. Though the ground freezes in many places during the winter, it remains dangerous – larger animals sometimes find themselves trapped in freezing pools. Though this may read as an opportunity to some, most of the locals believe the marshland to take more than it gives. Some even say that the place is haunted.

  • The Barrens

There are not just many plains in Terchová – there are so many that only a few have names of note anymore. As a whole, the place is known as the Barrens; for there is little but grassland for most of this expanse. The name is deceptive; vast herds of bison roam these plains, making for an ample source of food. In some places, this land is ripe with salt – something that ambitious traders have taken note of in recent years. One is most likely to encounter strangers on the Barrens, and as such, the land is frequently patrolled by groups of Clansmembers.

  • The Rapids of the Drowned

Three rivers cross these plains, but the most notable is a section where the water turns rocky and ferocious. There are many stories about how the place got its name, but all revolve around a pack of wolves being carried to their deaths by the water. Despite this formidable origin, the rapids have become a place frequented by adolescents. In some cases, this has resulted in disappearances and deaths – adding to the rumor that the place is frequented by evil spirits.

3.  Clans

  • Tesák "Fang" Clan Led by Janoski Medved

Warriors, hunters, the Tesák Clan consists of those strongest and most talented of both. The pride of being a member of the Tesák is displayed in scars. Though this clan originated with non-Luperci leaders, in recent years there's been a distinctive shift against that. Most members settle for living in their Secui forms, though a select group of spiritualists and artisans work to ensure that symbols of power are displayed on all members.

The deepest forests are where members of the Tesák Clan make their home, living communally in a central living area ringed by dens of various sizes. In some places the wolves have taken advantage of their shifting abilities and reinforced the area with primitive fences. Black and yellow décor can often be found scattered around the homes and borders of this Clan, as these are their signature colors.

  • Tráva "Grass" Clan Led by Kamila Porcházka

Fleet footed runners and spiritualists, the Tráva Clan are nomadic and spend much of their lives traveling. They keep to the plains and the deltas, and frequently wear feathers. The Tráva were amongst the first to begin accepting Luperci, and make use of their abilities to maximize what they get out of hunts. It is the Tráva Clan that most often does business with any traveling traders, though they are extremely suspicious of outsiders and have a zero-tolerance policy for poachers.

The Tráva Clan believe that the cranes who live in the marsh are reborn spirits of their ancestors, and consider it a sacred duty to protect these birds. They do not allow the birds to be touched after death, and only collect shed feathers, which are considered good luck. Members of the Tráva Clan sport red and green as their clan colors.

3.1  Families

Medved "bear"

de le Poer: "of the poor" (who let these people in here)

Families/Procházka: "to walk, to wander"

Novak?: "new"

4.  Culture

Morals and Ethics

There are various creeds and codes throughout the whole of Terchová, as each Clan keeps separate laws within their own circle. However, key rules – such as territory borders – are obeyed. While conflict between individuals occurs now and again, the larger rule is “mind your own” and this is what most of the clans do. Elders are universally respected, though sometimes begrudgingly, and always taken care of.

Laws and Crimes

Murder is a grievous act (unless committed against outsiders) and occurs infrequently. Younger members are often seen carrying signs of discipline on their skin, though physical punishment is allowed to an extent and often kept private. In some cases, public discpline is used as means of humiliation as much as warning to others.

Bias and Prejudices

Strength is universally valued by groups who by and large still function as primitive wolf packs. Many Clans remain non-Luperci or choose not to live beyond four legs (though often take advantage of their Secui form) and they continue to shun more advanced Luperci behavior. In some Clans this is less of an issue – though they remain limited in terms of production, keeping things simple and decidedly “feral” in nature.


Wolves are the most common species, with only a smaller spattering of hybrids within their number.

5.  History

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6.  Significance

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