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LÎle-Bizard is a community of freedom fighters originally created by Dread. It was originally meant to be a place holder for a pack/community that character Basilio Lykoi led during one of his absences from Inferni, disbanded and left in order to return but the prospect of having a place like this around was too great.

It is now an OPEN area for other players to create characters from, establish board histories from or even adopt premade characters to play in Souls.

L'Île-Bizard means "The Weird Island" in french.

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Sonnerie Statistics

StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~2000
Primary SpeciesDog, Jackal and Coyote
Luperci DominantYes
Population~30-50; fluctuates a lot
ReligionMuslim and Catholicism

Photo credit: Pixels.com-stock

1.  Territory

L Île-Bizard is an island located in Quebec, Canada along the Saint Lawrence river. It's surrounded by water on all sides except for a very small land road that links to the mainland which gives them both security and also risks their livelihood if they were ever to be attacked by outsiders for their practices. Their main food source is fish from the river they abide by as well as resources traded for from the mainlands outside of their small island.

Much of the island itself is a slew of natural parks, which include swamps, beaches, forest and other ecosystems

2.  Basic Culture

The pack, at all times, only has one leader. Normally this leader is chosen as a unanimous vote. In the case that the leader is killed by a member of the pack, that person is always made leader, regardless of gender or birth or even stature. As long as they have potential and they have shown their worth, they are given a place amongst the people.

Many of their members are warriors or ex-slaves to different communities throughout Canada and the upper parts of the United States. Because of this, they have a variety of different talents ranging from merchants, blacksmiths and craftsman to warriors who will gladly raise their fight without a care.

Women are valued greatly here while men are an added plus to the society as a whole. They have three days of remembrance, one: The day that they were made whole by uniting as a band of loners. Two: The day that they rescued the first group of women from a bad crisis and Three: The rites of death for those who have served hard.

They are always open to outsiders as a whole but do not accept members without just cause unless there is a reason to do so.

3.  History

Originally started as a small, feral group of loners who disliked women being held in captivity. They moved around often, searching for work before they settled in their new home which was set on a trading port that brought many new faces and prospective pack members. Even then, they still left to find work and new places around their home.

They would attack other communities that had slaves, women or male, to free the community from such trivial things.

Later down the line, after the female leader was out of ruling, a male leader took place. While they still fought for the same things, the group (Not quite a pack) became something else altogether. They still attacked communities who enslaved others or that were being terrorized by tyrants, but they no longer did it out of the kindness of their heart.

They took on jobs that put their members in danger, like assassinating leaders of groups. They recruited the women, men and children of said communities into their own at a slower pace, teaching them their way. (Sort of like vikings and barbarians).

The Leader would take women, the best one out of the slaves or communities, and after sexually defiling them, murder each one, leaving a body in the pack’s wake. A dwarf-warrior by the name of Basilio, a ex-member of Sonnerie who had joined only a few months before, caught him in the act and quickly brought the women to justice by murdering this leader, taking the position for himself.

He led the group to a better standing over the next few months, forbidding such things from occurring again under his watch but left unexpectedly afterward, leaving the pack to decide on new leadership and laws.

Shortly after Basilio Lykoi left, another female leader stepped in. This time, it would be run by one of the very same women who had been rescued by the group beforehand, one who believed in the cause.

4.  Members

Membership in L Île-Bizard is very fluid however if any one individual has ideas regarding the state of the area or its leadership, you can feel free to message either of the creators. The prospect and ideal nature of this place is to provide extra character support for those who may be struggling to come up with a character base for your own personal characters. The only thing not permitted is going against the history already written out on the wiki.

Note: Any player can add their character here if they have spent more than three month's time living in L Île-Bizard! No permission is required for past or current membership.

  • Likely Archetypes: Freedom Fighters, mercenaries, homeless or runaways, reformed criminals, slaves, artists, craftsman, traders.

4.1  LÎle-Bizard Members

Icon Gender Y.O.B. Status About

Basilio Lykoi

Male 2012 Alive / Absent
  • Skills: Warrior, leader, handyman, horse trainer, swordsman.
  • Personality: Hot headed and temperamental, Basilio never displayed his past to the people of LÎle-Bizard. However, many knew him to also be kind to individuals who had been through slavery as it was apparent that he too had gone through such a thing. Never let someone off easy unless it was for the better of the pack. That included the previous leader who Basilio took the place of.
  • Description: Pygmy with longer grey toned hair, darker than his fur by only half. Wine stained eyes with lavender specks, tattooed by the people of LÎle-Bizard who chose him as their leader as is custom of the group. Always wore a braid in his hair with a red tie while with them.
  • Art: by Libri

Open? #family name

--- --- ---
  • Skills: ---
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: ---
  • Art: by Open?

Open? #family name

--- --- ---
  • Skills: ---
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: ---
  • Art: by Kiri

Open? #Family name

--- --- ---
  • Skills: ---
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: ---
  • Art: by Alaine

Open? #family name

--- --- ---
  • Skills: ---
  • Personality: ---
  • Description: ---
  • Art: by Alaine
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