Eilean Cù

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Eilean Cù is an island of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, once known by men as the Isle of Islay. It is now home to a unique type of water dog, brought forth from such breeds as Irish water spaniels, curly coated retrievers, and standard poodles and stayed true to form from generations of isolation. The canines of Eilean Cù are fierce and loyal, forming familial bonds that are rarely broken.

Eilean Cù



Statistics & Foundation

Basic scene


  • Location: Isle of Islay, Scotland
  • Status: REQUEST. More Information
  • Demonym: Depends on whatever clan the canine is from
  • Languages Spoken: Scottish Gaelic, English
  • Archetype (Group): Loyal, strong sense of family, superstitious
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Strong women, traders, distillers, anglers, shepherds
  • Foundation: ~1990
  • Species: 100% dog
  • Population: ~68 (100% Luperci)
  • Leader: There is no one leader of Eilean Cù as the community is made up of several clans, each with their own Lord and Lady.

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    2.   1.2  Climate
    3.   1.3  Flora and Fauna
  2.   2.  Culture
    1.   2.1  Species
    2.   2.2  Outsider Relations & Travel
  3.   3.  Structure
    1.   3.1  Leaders
  4.   4.  Religion
  5.   5.  Significant Families
    1.   5.1  Morgan
  6.   6.  History
    1.   6.1  Significance
    2.   6.2  Notes

1.  Essentials

1.1  Geography

Boasting a varied terrain, with mountainous land rising up along the Eastern coast, fertile plains along the Southwest peninsula, and wooded forest adorning the Southern coast, Eilean Cù has much to offer its inhabitants. Several ruins from ancient human villages speckle the lands of the island, though few are used today by the canines that inhabit it. Most of the clans that have set up residence within Eilean Cù are situation around the wide selection of lakes and rivers.

1.2  Climate

Between the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and the warmth of the gulf stream, weather on Eilean Cù is generally mild and comfortable. There is nearly always a south-westerly breeze and gale-force winds are not uncommon, something the dogs on the island have long since learned to be well prepared for. Summers on Eilean Cù are cool but sunny, with July and August being the warmest months. By September the temperature begins to drop and daylight hours diminish. Snow and frost are relatively uncommon on the island, leaving the autumn and winter months painted with shades of brown, auburn, and gold. By April, daylight hours gradually increase and skies become clearer and sunnier.

1.3  Flora and Fauna

Being a small island, the flora and fauna residing upon Eilean Cù isn't wildly diverse though there are several species of migratory birds and sea mammals that visit her shores. Animals that reside on a more permanent basis upon the island include, but are not limited to, deer (red, roe, and fallow), brown hares, European otters, hen harriers, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, barn owls, ravens, buzzards, pied wagtail, and grey seals. Puffins, geese (barnacle, Canada, and Greenland white-fronted), swans (mute and whooper), ducks (eider and long-tailed), corncrakes, and sand plovers are among those migratory birds while bottle-nosed dolphins, orcas, minke whales, and pilot whales can occasionally be seen offshore. The only snake seen on the island is the adder. After the fall of man, domesticated sheep, goats, cattle, and horses were forced to fend for themselves. The survivors of those animals that survived can also be found on the island.

Eilean Cù is home to a variety of vegetation which changes drastically courtesy of her diverse geology. Blanket bogs, woodlands, dunes systems, coastal grasslands, moorlands, and vegetated sea cliffs are some of the vegetation types found on the island. Many of these areas is ideal for grazing land and frequently used by the clans to raise their sheep.

2.  Culture

If your area has a particular culture specific to the area, you include it here. Again, general details will do just fine; there's no need to get really detailed here unless you want to--totally up to you. For 'Souls, one might say that there are many different packs with individual personality, but in general the canines of 'Souls are middling in their level of civilization; for the most part, everyone is just fine in their four-legged forms, but they are also generally not averse to canines who wear clothes or use human tools.

2.1  Species

Thanks in part to its isolation, the canines of Eilean Cù are comprised almost exclusively by a type of landrace dog that resembles a curly-coated water dog type of breed. Those wolves or coyotes who have ventured onto the island have either been killed or chased away, ensuring that their race has stayed relatively free from more the more "feral" blood of their ancestors.

Luperci & Shifting

The dogs of Eilean Cù are exclusively Luperci, having become infected very early in their evolution. Because of their more civilized culture, most of these canines prefer, and encourage, the use of their Optime form.


Most clans on the island speak Scottish Gaelic though English is used just as much. Dogs from this area speak with a Scottish accent of varying strengths.


By and large, the Luperci residing here live quite simply. There are some blacksmiths capable of creating tools and mechanisms from metal but a lot of items are created directly from the land. Dogs on Eilean Cù frequently fish with rods and nets, with or without boats, cultivate the land, raise sheep and process wool for fabric, and often hunt with more advanced weaponry.


With an abundance of castles and mansions, most clans reside among the larger establishments left behind by man. A few families may reside in smaller homesteads but this is relatively uncommon.

2.2  Outsider Relations & Travel


Materials and livestock are mainly traded between the clans on the island, often eliminating the need to travel to the mainland altogether. Those canines who wish to trade offshore may do so by boat but their safety is not guaranteed and leaving the island is not recommended.


Being immensely xenophobic, the Luperci of Eilean Cù tend to frown upon visitors to their island. Most clans will refuse to accept outsiders, particularly those of obvious wolf or coyote lineage, and some will sometimes go so far as to kill those not from the area.

3.  Structure

3.1  Leaders

Each clan is lead by a Lord and Lady and while the subsequent members of that clan are often offspring of the leading pair, other families will choose to give full loyalty to the Lord and Lady. Roles within the clan itself are assigned to each member to ensure daily chores and completed and the territory remains secure.

4.  Religion

Most, if not all, canines on the island do not practice organized religion. They instead worship the land and give thanks to the moon and stars, a little like paganism.


It is very common for two dogs from separate clans to declare mateship. When this happens, the male dog moves from his home clan to his mate's clan and adds her last name to his own.

If a puppy is considered cursed or somehow unlucky, it is not uncommon for clan members to cull that puppy or occasionally the entire litter.

5.  Significant Families

5.1  Morgan

An important family within Clan Cuaileanach. Elionoira Morgan hailed from this family, though is likely considered with a great deal of shame for her actions and subsequent abandonment of the island.

6.  History

6.1  Significance

In February 2015, Elionoira Morgan and her young niece, Ailie Morgan, traveled from Eilean Cù to 'Souls. They eventually joined Cour des Miracles but left the pack in May 2015 to seek out a smaller, more intimate community.

6.2  Notes


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  • Status: REQUEST.
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