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Non-binary (he/him/his)




March 18th


PM — Valentine Joyner

  • PM my primary account only, please!

Skype — nevertheking

  • I'm generally online here. :)

AOL IM — eren2010018@gmail.com

  • Skype is strongly preferred.
  • Sometimes I may be invis, and even if not, feel free to leave a message for me to find when I'm actually online.

Hiii, Im Wolf, or formerly known as Mutt. You can also call me Eren, that's my real name. :3 I like video editing and photo editing a lot.

1.  Posting Info

1.1  Reply Times:

  • Replies vary from an hour to five days. If I take longer than that, shoot me a PM please!

1.2  Ending Threads:

  • I am normally not opposed to OOC endings, let me know if you need a thread closed for any reason!

1.3  Requesting Threads:

  • Please request threads via AIM if you can: but PM is acceptable as well.
  • I don't do LASKY threads unless the plot is REALLY interesting!

2.  Active Characters

2.1  Primary


3.  Inactive Characters

Ehren Siegrist
Miqui Kimaris

no imageee

3.1  Future Characters?

  • None

3.2  NPCs

  • None

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3.4  Dead

  • None

4.  Guestbook

  • Oooh, Kitty got the first guest book sign!! >:D = Kitty (07:40 AM EST)!!
  • UGGHH DAMN IT YOU BEAT ME >:CCC *licks Mutt* == Raze
  • The elusive Jmon was spotted here on April 10, 8:19 PM EST.