Awkward resume photo, yay!
AliasMarit or Vazzi. Most on 'Souls know me as Marit.
BirthdayApril 8th
LocationNorway! brrrr

Norwegian girl, 27 years old. I'm a Lecturer/Teacher of Music, English ASL and ICT. I love broccoli and sweet peppers. I also love reading, gaming, and throwing various objects at Libri.

1.  It's that girl again

Started playing Mew Sadira at her birth in 2005, hoaxed into this madness by Libri. I had a break for school between approx. august 2006-early 2008. Eventually I took the secondary character Dawali Amara for the AniWaya tribe creation, and ended up becoming a co-leader of that pack, later the sole leader. I took a third character in spring '09, Emwe Soul, and after Mew died in early 2010 I ended up having two characters - but wait! A temp for the Second Dahlian War arrives - Semyon Terho. Semyon died during the war and Emwe left the lands of 'Souls not long after that. Not much later I picked up Vesle Soul, although I had to drop her before long due to my uni course being quite demanding. I picked up Maska Ahote for a war-plot in AniWaya, and Dawali Amara was dropped alongside Maska as part of the war. Ulilohi Ehn became leader in his place. I played Vesle Soul for a while.

In March '10 I got promoted to a Pack mod (back then we had a tier system), I joined the mentorship program when it first started, and I carried that little green luperci like a badge of honor up until the dissolvement of the mentorship program! :D I gradually climbed the tiers of the mod ranks, and in early 2012 I was made a 'Souls Admin. Very proud! I stepped down from adminship in early spring 2014 in order to focus my efforts on AniWaya.

I left the game in summer 2014. Leadership on 'Souls is incompatible with my finishing my Master's degree and keeping a full-time job, two things which obviously should be my top priority. Thus, I chose to let go of 'Souls, and it's more than likely I will not return (so many boring grown up things to do). 'Souls represents many thousand teenage and adult hours spent online, and I'll miss you guys something terrible! <3

1.1  Special things

Marit is a proud member of SAFTA (the 'Souls Association for the Advancement of Anifernians and Inferniwayans). The organization strives to protect the rights of Infernians and AniWayans to mate a lot and have babies, and really just late-night bogus.

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