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[[Characters/Lochlan(Stormbringer)]], [[Characters/Teagan(Stormbringer)]],
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ColoursMocha brown (#8f6e4d)
Forest Green (#274e13)
Founded BySaul Stormbringer & Lilin Soulstorm
Founded OnMay 20, 2012
Disbanded OnJune 9, 2017
2012 Top VikingsNiernan (May), Colibri (June), Niernan (July), Ink (Aug), Niernan (Sept), Jiva (Oct), Jiva (Nov), Shiloh (Dec)
2013 Top VikingsShiloh (Jan), Bran (Feb), Palaydrian (Mar), Shiloh (Apr), Ascher (May), Lochlan (June), Lochlan (July), Lochlan (Aug), Shiloh (Sept), Palaydrian (Oct), Palaydrian (Nov), Aspen (Dec)
2014 Top VikingsPalaydrian (Jan), Aspen (Feb), Aspen/Shiloh/Lochlan/Carya (Mar), Lochlan (Apr), Aspen (May), Farina (June), Farina (July), Arno/Farina (Aug), Ascher (Sept), Ascher (Oct), Ascher (Nov), Carya (Dec)
2015 Top VikingsArno (Jan), Arno (Feb), Izrian (Mar), Myrkr (Apr), Aspen (May), Aspen (June), Izrian (July), Thyri (Aug), Thyri (Sept), Thyri (Oct), Thyri (Nov), Fionna/Thyri (Dec)
2016 Top VikingsThyri (Jan), Izrian (Feb), Thyri (Mar), Auguste (Apr), Thyri (May)

The Almanac acts as a record for all of Vinátta's IC history - this includes any information from minor events that affect one or two packmates, as well as much larger events such as childbirth, mateship, and intra-pack conflict. (OOCly, thread links will be provided beside the event for interested players to read the firsthand account of events.) The Almanac is designed to be an accurate, up to date account of Vinátta's history as well as being displayed for literate Vináttans to read at their pleasure and learn about current events. The Almanac will be written by an impartial, unbiased voice, typically penned by the Eljun or those holding the Librarian Co-Rank.

Visually, the Almanac is easily distinguishable in the form of a large, leather-bound book placed on a lectern in the front corner of the Village Hall. The pages are dusty but not overly fragile at the moment. Entries at the front of the book are the oldest. Entries will be listed starting with the date (approximate) and then a short entry about what has happened on this date. The Almanac was officially placed in the Village Hall along with a detailed map when construction was completed in August 2012. It was previously located in Saul Stormbringer's house, and it is his handwriting gracing the first pages.

1.  Events of Year 1

1.1  May 2012

1.2  June 2012

1.3  July 2012

1.4  August 2012

  • After much flirting, Niernan Stormbringer and Grace D'Angelo move in together and consummate their relationship. (Mature content: [16])
  • Colibri Haki's health has deteriorated since the assault, and she finally reveals this to Saul Stormbringer. He confirms his suspicions when he examines her -- Colibri is pregnant. [17]
  • Colibri asks her sister to take care of her pups if she should die during the birthing, and Lilin reveals that she is pregnant as well, with Saul's children. [18]
  • The Village Hall construction is completed, and the Almanac is officially moved there along with the map drawn by Nahyt Savin. [19]

1.5  September 2012

1.6  October 2012

1.7  November 2012

1.8  December 2012

2.  Events of Year 2

2.1  January 2013

2.2  February 2013

2.3  March 2013

2.4  April 2013

2.5  May 2013

2.6  June 2013

2.7  July 2013

2.8  August 2013

2.9  September 2013

2.10  October 2013

2.11  November 2013

2.12  December 2013

3.  Events of Year 3

3.1  January 2014

3.2  February 2014

3.3  March 2014

3.4  April 2014

3.5  May 2014

3.6  June 2014

3.7  July 2014

3.8  August 2014

3.9  September 2014

  • Driven by the hopeless desire to find Saul, Ascher leaves Vinátta for over a month and a half without a word, finally returning at the beginning of September. [221] He comes home to an initially chilly reception that quickly turns into an emotional reunion with Aspen. [222]
  • Bran takes his puppies with him out on patrol and engages three intruders. Taro answers Bran's call for help and the two Araedi successfully protect the pups, and the pack, from the threat. (Mature content: [223])

3.10  October 2014

3.11  November 2014

  • Lochlan confronts Carya about choice to pursue a relationship with Lily Storm Revlis, resulting in a heated argument between the two friends. (Mature content: [227])
  • When familiar faces from her old pack turn up at the borders, Inara Naira realizes how homesick she has become and decides to leave Vinátta and return back to her homeland. [228]
  • Kerrian Demos defects from New Dawn to join Vinátta. He and Florina meet at the border where he requests her hand in mateship. Florina accepts him into the pack but rejects his proposal. [229]

3.12  December 2014

  • Carya gathers the Aeska together for a winter sleigh ride! [230]

4.  Events of Year 4

4.1  January 2015

  • Florina hears about an illness spreading throughout New Dawn and immediately sets out to offer her assistance. [231] When she arrives, Florina discovers that Alpha Zalen Damaichu has succumbed to the illness. She visits the place where he died and reflects on how he was like a father to her. [232]
  • Having contracted the illness from New Dawn, a febrile and hallucinating Florina runs back home to Vinátta where her mother, half-siblings, Miskunn, and Axle attempt to calm her. [233] Delirious, she runs off again and stumbles into a stream. Kerrian rescues her and, mistaking him for Zalen, she tell him about her miscarriage. [234]
  • After a lengthy battle with illness, Arno Rousseau's mother passes away. [235]. With help from Miskunn and Axle, the pack holds a traditional Viking funeral for her. [236] Filled with drunken rage and grief, Arno leaves Vinátta and engages in a fight with Vidar, who is also intoxicated. (Mature content: [237]) His resulting injuries turn Arno into a Luperci. [238]
  • Carya takes Thyri outside the pack for a hunting lesson, where they are set upon by a nefarious loner. [239] Intending to hold her for ransom, the loner takes her to Mount Oromocto where he keeps her captive until she is manages to escape. [240] Traumatized by the events, Thyri is forced into an early shift. [241] Two days after her kidnapping, Orvar and Chloé find her and engage the loner, chasing him away. (Mature content: [242]) Thyri is safely returned to Vinátta. [243]

4.2  February 2015

4.3  March 2015

4.4  April 2015

4.5  May 2015

4.6  June 2015

4.7  July 2015

4.8  August 2015

  • Ezra Vahn returns to Vinátta and is met by Thyri, who quickly finds herself smitten with him. [252] Afterwards, while the pair set the foundation for what will become his paper mill, Thyri admits her feelings for Ezra but he gently rejects her and explains that his heart belongs to another. Overcome with embarrassment and shame, Thyri flees. [253] Ezra patiently seeks her out and the pair talk, eventually deciding to remain friends. [254]
  • Russano returns to Vinátta from the Solbjorg Valley and is accepted back into the pack by a displeased Florina. [255]

4.9  September 2015

4.10  October 2015

4.11  November 2015

4.12  December 2015

5.  Events of Year 5

5.1  January 2016

5.2  February 2016

5.3  March 2016

5.4  April 2016

  • A meteor strikes the ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia and decimates the Western Tangles. Vinátta suffers from damaging earthquakes, downed trees, and significant flooding. [260]
    • Thyri and Tarina find themselves battered by the trees in the Sacred Grove when the air blast hits but both manage to get out with only minor injuries. [261]
    • After ensuring Miskunn's safety, Florina calls for her pack to seek shelter in the town hall. Finch and Holis treat the wounded. [262]
    • Having survived the night following impact, Florina leads a team to assess the damage around the territory. When Russano, Fiora, Grit, Axle, and Cody are swept out to sea after the ground sinks beneath their feet, Florina, Auguste, Thyri, and Ezra work quickly to rescue them. Grit gives his life to save Axle's and is lost to the sea. [263]
    • Miskunn becomes trapped within her house when the roof collapses, prompting Russano and Thyri to dig her out. [264]
    • When a bull escapes from its enclosure as a result of the catastrophic events, Ezra and Thyri team up and attempt to lead it back to its pasture. [265]
  • After learning from Sylven Firebringer about the hostilities that ravaged Krokar in March, Thyri realizes the role she inadvertently played [266] and helps her cousin locate and kill the woman responsible. (Mature content: [267])

5.5  May 2016

  • After weeks of unrest and unhappiness, Thyri comes to the realization that she has outgrown Vinátta and decides to leave her birth pack to join Casa di Cavalieri.

5.6  June 2016

  • Florina steps down from her role as Sannindi to accept a more comfortable rank as Araedi Ríkr [268]. Izrian succeeds her as the newest Sannindi of Vinátta. [269]

6.  Leadership History

6.1  Timeline

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Lilin Soulstorm
May 2012 - Apr 2013
Saul Stormbringer
May 2012 - Apr 2014
Colibri Haki
Oct 2012 - Mar 2014
Florina Soul
Mar 2014 - Jun 2016
Izrian Firebringer
Jun 2016 - Present
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