Aremys-Inferni War

The Aremys-Inferni War

DateDecember 20, 2006 — ~ February, 2007
ResultInferni drives Aremys to Moaning Wood.
Inferni claims old Aremys territory.






Phasma Kiles
Physe Revlis

Kaena Lykoi
Hollow Nothing

1.  About

The Inferni-Aremys war was a war with very old grudgey roots as its basis. The actual period of combat is extremely short but also extremely violent—Aremys is driven back to Chimera's old territory, the Moaning Wood after a horribly short battle.

2.  Deaths

2.1  Inferni

2.2  Nothing Family

2.3  Aremys

3.  Leadership

3.1  Inferni

Kaena Lykoi is the only leader of Inferni throughout the war, though she teams up with Hollow Nothing—he is not officially part of the clan and he is the leader of his own band of followers, Faith Requiem, Hope and Conri Church.

3.2  Nothing Family

3.3  Aremys

Phasma Kiles is the alpha female of Aremys for the first part of the war. Shortly after Physe Revlis joins her to be co-alpha, the primary attack and drive to the woods occurs.

4.  Backstory

4.1  Inferni's Involvement

Though the actual period of hostility is extremely short in this war, one can trace the beginnings to 2004, when Syemv landed on Inferni territory. Though Kaena Lykoi had already left once and passed on leadership, she had returned during that time, remaining long enough to see several wolves trespassing on their territory from that pack, which didn't sit right with her.

Worse, when Syemv moved to the southern half of Hell's Coast, taking a piece of the Luminous Sanctuary for their territory, Segodi Mogotsi, leader of Inferni conceded a piece of the clan's territory to the new packs. This really didn't sit right with Kaena, who hated that Kidorah and her sucdessesor Segodi were kindly toward wolves (she was absent for the Inferni-Tears War).

When Kaena re-inherited Inferni from Roane Kinsella in October of 2006, she swore to resurrect the truer purposes of the coyote clan and promises her fellow coyotes that the wolves won't be stepping on them anymore. Hollow Nothing presents that opportunity shortly thereafter.

4.2  Hollow Nothing

Hollow Nothing rapes Soran Aatte in April of 2006. She bears a son, Conri Church—when Hollow realizes Conri is his, he zeroes in on the child and becomes extremely determined to capture Conri, as he is Hollow's firstborn son.

Several attempts to kidnap the child later, he enlists his followers to help him in various ways. His group consists of his mate, Faith Requiem and Hope. As Chimera sheltered his child at first, they are at first under pressure—though it takes the departure of the D'Angelo and de le Poer families to weaken Chimera to the point that Hollow could attack.

Hollow had been a member of Inferni previously, and as Hollow himself is half-coyote, Kaena Lykoi of Inferni is quite sympathetic to his plight, and the two conspire to drive Aremys out.

5.  Events

6.  December 24, 2004

7.  July 14, 2005

  • Syemv establishes itself as a pack, moving to the southern portion of Hell's Coast and taking part of the mountain as well. Included in their territory is a piece of Inferni territory, conceded by the leader of the coyote clan at the time. Segodi Mogotsi is just fine with losing this tiny piece of beach. [2]

8.  ~ April 2006

  • Hollow Nothing rapes Soran Aatte of Aremys.

9.  June 21, 2006

10.  July 13, 2006

11.  December 17, 2006

12.  ~ December 2006

  • Hope joins Aremys, masquerading as a true member of the pack. She plans to infiltrate and send information back to Hollow Nothing.

13.  December 20, 2006 — War Begins

13.1  January 01, 2007

13.2  January 02, 2007

13.3  January 03, 2007

13.4  January 05, 2007

13.5  January 07, 2007

  • Kaena Lykoi meets Marlowe, who is a crow. The two forge a shaky alliance based on the scraps of Inferni's kills in exchange for eyes in the sky. The deal works well for Inferni, which gains a tactical advantage none of the other packs possessed. [10]

13.6  January 8, 2007

  • Hollow Nothing and Kaena Lykoi plot vengeance on Aremys for separate reasons with the same end; Hollow is angry because his family was attacked, and Kaena is bitter over the territory conceded to the pack by her predecessors. Hollow joins his forces with Inferni [11]

13.7  January 10, 2007

13.8  January 31, 2007

13.9  February 06, 2007

13.10  ~ February 2007 — End

  • As Aremys now lives across the way, Inferni sees no point in trekking halfway across 'Souls to seek the pack; they feel that justice has been served in that the wolves had to relocate and lost a few members. Aremys doesn't consider retribution; the alphaship is more interested in insuring that Aremys survives.

14.  March 02, 2007

15.  March 03, 2007

16.  March 05, 2007

17.  March 07, 2007

18.  March 20, 2007

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