Whispers Neonite

Whispers Neonite is a member of New Dawn, previously a loner under the custody of Selene Le'Duecia. He was demoted to Pariah shortly after joining, once it was revealed that he was the father of Adonia Demos's unborn litter (though the pregnancy failed to reach full term).

Whispers Neonite

Whispers Neonite
Date of Birth16 Mar 2010
Subspecies63% Arctic Wolf
37% Eastern Timber Wolf
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeThe Oasis
Current packLoner
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1.  Detailed History

1.1  Parents Meet and Conceive

Whispers' story began on the eve of the January 9, 2009 when two wolves, both of separate kinds met on the Hill of The Oasis, a watering spot where both began their journey. Like most wolves, it started out with wayward glances, an occasional bumping of noses and finally a confession. Only one of them were Luperci Ortus, the other a full blooded, untainted wolf. Neither knew that they were fated for each other, only that when the time came, they couldn't be without. After finally reaching her heat, the she-wolf, who had never transformed in front of the he-wolf came into heat. Unable to bare her scent, he gave in to his animalistic desires in a bout of both love, lust, and unadulterated ecstasy.

A few weeks passed before the she wolf realized that she was pregnant and during this time, she'd met with the he-wolf almost every day. He'd already taken his first steps in becoming a Luperci Verto , turning, learning everything he needed to know about it. Because of this, he was able to help her through the pregnancy where later the mother and father opted for an underground den. They dug freely into a side of the hill, sure to pile the dirt away from the entrance where the wouldn't get caved in. With the she-wolf in gestation, the soon to be father fell in love with her all over again, finalizing their pact to be mated. Near the end of the pregnancy, the stress of having their den raided during the day when they were away finally got the best of the soon to be mother who made her way into the den and lay down to give birth to their children.

1.2  Birth to Four Weeks

Sadness.. overwhelming sadness seemed otherworldly for a short time after this moment and day. Three of the four born were still, the fourth moving and able to live. Overwhelmed in sadness, the father allowed the mother to heal her broken body. She'd bled a bit too much during birth due to the children's birthing positions and because of this, was entirely too weak to do such about it. Placing three grave markers, the father buries the stillborn wolf children before making his way back into the cave. The child they'd given birth to was small and white, rings of black around his eyes which seemed encircled in his mother's coloring. Down his hide, the black seemed to take over both of his shoulders, all the way down to his front two paws and then lifted to streak down to the very tip of his small tail. His underside was a soft baby pink, white fur covering his back legs and paws with his eyes shut and his ears against his skull. He feeds from his mother.

Two weeks after giving birth, the den was attacked by a raging bear. The father fought valiantly, while the mother protected the child. She'd gotten away from the den while the father fought in his newly trained secui form, lashing with his claws and tearing with fangs.

Eventually the bear was scared away but by this time, part of the den had caved in under its weight and because of this, the back of the den was closed off. After talking it over while the mother fed the lupus child, they decided that perhaps it'd be best if they left the safety of the den and moved to somewhere less populated, less dangerous. The mother gave the father the child and went back to get the few belongs they had left, despite the father's best wishes. There were blankets that she'd made herself, spoons and plates that the father and mother ate from. Memories she couldn't quite get rid of yet. Without further desire for argument, the mother vanished into the den. Only moments later, as she called out to the father, the den caved in, trapping the mother's left arm beneath the rubble, as well as her left foot.

1.3  Three Weeks, One Day - 6 Months

After only a short while to see if the mother was okay, it was found that her arm was broken in three place, that her left foot was sprained. While he held onto the child in his arms, he helped also to carry the mother across the treacherous grounds in his Optime form. Eventually, they made it to the Ashlands where there was definitely a scarcity of life. However, it made things harder because food was less easy to come by.

After hunting just a ways outside of the normal area, the father was able to bring back food for the mother every other day or so, small game yet game all the more. During this time, the boy was named Whispers, for when he spoke, if at all, it was in a lower tone and only a few words at a time. He was slowly being weaned from his mother's milk which finally came to a stop soon enough when he was fed by his already thin parents. His father had an anger streak worse then any had seen and because of this, he grew abusive, snapping at the poor pup every wrong turn.

He began learning how to hunt, going on hunting expeditions with his mother and father. Though most of the time he felt the need to explore, to learn more about his home, his fur coat managed to come in thicker, more profound. The old ashes of the plain turned the black that followed from his nose to the back of his head spotted grey, dying it permanently. His back legs also somewhat took to the ashen lands, gaining speckles over the paws and half way up his legs. Just a few weeks after beginning to learn how to hunt, a tree fell within the ashed forests and his unfortunate mother was downed by it. With a broken back, she had received a fatal blow. The young wolf loved his mother, yet began to despise his father. His father's anger built with him until it was an average thing to be snapped at several times a day, every day. Personality:

1.4  6 Months to One Year

Eventually the young wolf learned to hunt. When going on hunting excursions with his father, who even now was abusive, he hunted almost as well as his father, finally taking an optime form when he was old enough to make the change. However, this wasn't until he disobeyed a direct order from his father. Because of this, his father shifted and in optime form, forced the young Luperci to shift. In a one sided fight, he lost badly, splintering a rib and was forced to take a few weeks rest until he healed completely. Rebellion grew into an every day routine where he consistently did things that drew his father into snapping or beating him. But it grew to the point where the two no longer spoke. They loathed each other with a passion despite his mother's best wishes for them to live with each other civilly. One day when coming back from a hunting trip, he had within his hold a speckled hare as a present to his mother. Yet... he found her no where within the den.

He approached his father who rested a few yards from the den. He was crying by this point, tears that wouldn't end. With every loathsome anger hidden within his body, the father rejected the son and disowned him. His mother had died while he was hunting. He left as quickly as he could, finding shelter in another den had been built some earlier time. Though food was less easier to come by here. He ran away until reaching Highway 103 where he eventually met with another loner wolf, one who was almost looked as he did, only with reversed coloring. She taught him how to speak and eventually Whispers began thinking of her as more then just a friend. They made a home with one another within this place and for the most part, stayed happy for a week or two before the scarcity of food got to them. They needed to leave and he wanted nothing to do with his father any more. The loathing had turned into hate, a regret.

1.5  One Year to 1.5 years

Shortly after leaving their perch at the Highway 103, they came upon the ruins of Fort Cumberland. Though they didn't know exactly where it was at first, they quickly made a home there and because it was well protected with stone, they didn't have to worry about the outside weather as much. They slept in lupus form most nights, huddled together as one unit. He got his first erotic encounter shortly after, though luckily she wasn't yet in heat. She was still a young wolfette if there was even such a thing as that and generally, like most virgins, he sucked. Instinct took over need and the pleasure was very much one sided. He trusted her though and when push came to shove, even told her about his mother, how she'd died recently and gone through hardships since he was born. How he believed he was a bad luck charm. This was a moment when he came down on himself pretty hard. He'd gone to the woods to hunt one day when he heard the sounds of laughter, smelled the scents of other wolves. When he approached the Fort, or at least their home... he found her mutilated and torn to shreds. She hadn't been able to protect herself. She'd gone to sleep earlier then usual.

He'd been left alone and especially at a time like this, he began to believe there was no such thing as a creator. If there had been, he definitely wasn't blessed. All his life had been about one hurtful thing or another.

His mother had died, his father had disowned him, and now over come with grief that his love interest had been killed, he grew in the belief that it was he was an avatar of death. Everyone he came in contact with was killed or either turned hateful, spiteful at his misgivings. His rage started peaking at this moment in time and because of that, he ended up with scars on his hand from punching, shattering walls with his fist. Wooden and stone. The inevitable came one day in the form of a storm and another loner wolf. This one male. For the longest time, he'd outcast any form of contact with others so his social skills had been somewhat shot. However, after a few days of watching the male wolf leave and go, he took a gander at introducing himself. Only a short moment passed before the two became friends and hunted together. However, it was short lived because the loner was being chased by his previous pack for an offense he'd committed upon one of the she wolfs there.

He was chased away while searching for his friend and eventually, accidentally intruded upon one of the northern packs, only to be chased away once again like he had before.

Approaching his second year of age, he'd finally come to a spot where the game was good, where there were prey larger then he'd ever seen. It was because of this incident that he came upon a moose, older in age, yet a moose all the same. He attacked and lost badly, ending up half blinded because of a kick to the left eye. Despite this, he took down the moose and made weapons out of its antlers, training waywardly to use a spear.

1.6  This Day and Age

Not much time has passed since then, but because of his eye, he lost valuable assets that he needed in the wild. Hunting grew harder, especially for prey that ran to this certain side of his body. His senses grew stronger, however, his sense of smell, of taste and hearing. Each one heightened just a bit. Now he's near the borders of Whisper Beach.

2.  Personality

2.1  Initially

2.2  Later

2.3  Currently

Whispers is highly aggressive against other wolves and with right reason. After all his friends have died, how his first love was stolen, he finds it best to remain out of sight, out of mind. When he comes in contact with another wolf, his first reaction is to be on the look out, immensely suspicious with dangerous intention. He always tries to stay out of bigger groups of wolves which means that it's very possible that he will never end up in a pack, or if he does, he'll be kicked out or punished with death. When and if he gains friends, he's loyal and extremely scared that they'll end up dying because of his 'curse.'

In order to get past this, it's always best to assure him through a bond making process.. Whether it be to bond with stories of how things used to be, or about similar happenings in the others life. He rather enjoys a good romantic evening with play. Though he only has interest in female wolves, he can easily be coaxed into doing different things so that is a plus. He's very protective over women, though.. which pleases to possessiveness and jealousy when it's needed. He's slightly more dominate in all aspects, yet if the need arose, he could be submissive.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Name of character

3.2  Name of character

3.3  Name of character

3.4  All Friends

  • Character name
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3.5  All enemies

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3.6  Love Interests

Current Mate

Current Crush

Past Mates

Past Crushes

4.  Abilities, talents and skills

4.1  Strengths

  • Bow
  • House Building
  • Bone Sculpting
  • Good Judge of Character
  • Loyal

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Suspicious
  • Silent
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Father's Attitude
  • Cooking
  • Making Clothes

5.  Appearance

5.1  Luperci Forms


  • 2 Ft 7 In
  • 75 Kg
  • 115 cm

Whispers is a very large black and white wolf that has rings of black around his eyes which seem encircled in his mother's fierce cream coloring. His chest is the same coloring. Down his hide, the black seems to take over both of his shoulders,the very top of his head and all the way down to his front two paws and then lifts to streak down to the very tip of his tail. His underside was a soft pink, white fur speckled with a soft cloudy grey covering his back legs and paws. He's two foot seven at the base of his shoulders, nearly 165 lbs which is one of the heaviest of his particular wolf range. He's retained most of his mother's appearance, only with more black then both his mother and father held. His eyes are a fierce mixture of topaz and gold that ignite like flame when in intense situations and moments of happiness.


  • 5 Ft 2 In
  • 150 Kg
  • 220 Cm

Unlike the one before, this one is nearly twice the size of his already large Lupine form. He stands at a tall 220 centimeters tall shoulder height with a slightly gruffer collar and neck. When in this form, he normally carries his Buck rack antler spear upon his back, tied upon his shoulders with the sharp points near his tail and back side. It is easily removed using his teeth and with the help of his claws, should he ever have issues, it's just as easily dealt away with since the rope is simply vines braided together.


  • 7 Ft 3 In
  • 275

6.  Notable Threads

6.1  'Souls threads

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