Tedros Talik

Tedros Talik

Tedros, by Kitty
Name Meaning"Gift of God"
Name OriginEthiopian
Date of Birth27 August 2005
Age> 4 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans ortus
Birth placeHell's Coast

Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining date27 August 2005
Previous RanksPuppy
SignificancePuppy, Member

Tedros Talik is the son of Kidorah Talik and Segodi Mogotsi and was born alongside his sister, Nyika in Hell's Coast. He was a member of Inferni from his birth until January of 2007 and again in October 2011.


On August 27th, 2005, Tedros Talik, Nyika Mogotsi, and two still born puppies were born to Segodi Mogotsi (the leader of Inferni at the time) and Kidorah Talik. Tedros and Nyika grew up mainly under their father's care. Segodi left unannounced and returned with a new pup, Hybrid Holocaust, in tow. Full of jealousy, Tedros stayed with his mother for a while until mending things with his father. During this time of teenage angst, he met Atlas and Rikka de le Poer. Once of age, he officially became Rikka's mate, but soon realized he only felt romantic feelings for Atlas. He left 'Souls for a month and a half, meeting Macks Lynn. She reminded him of his sister, and they explored together for a while until she told him that she loved him. The next day he left her without saying goodbye and returned to Inferni.

Once back at Inferni, he met with Atlas and they told each other their feelings. Rikka found out that he left her for a male and was rather upset. It wasn't long before Tedros left again, running away from his issues one more time. He left to find a fresh start without all of these issues.

After a month of traveling with only his bow and arrows, Tedros ran into Cain Marduk. The dark-colored wolf quickly fell in love with Tedros, and after a while, Ted fell in love with him too. After six months of exploring and traveling across the eastern coast of North America, they joined a pack, Septentrionalis, northwest of 'Souls.

They lived a happy life together for about four years. Although the pack consisted of mainly wolves, Tedros advanced up the ranks, holding the highest rank for scouts. In January of 2011, the pack healer determined that Cain had a terminal disease. Over the months, Cain became a shell of himself. In early October of 2011, Cain died in Tedros' arms. After the burial, Tedros left without a word, and started traveling again. Something led him back to 'Souls, be it fate or luck, and he rejoined Inferni.


  • SOUL ALIGNMENT Chaotic neutral.
  • HOMOSEXUAL Likes men. Predominantly wolves.
  • ROMANTIC Almost hopelessly. He's happiest in a relationship.
  • ACCEPTING Isn't quick to judge others.
  • TRUSTWORTHY Tends to trust pretty quickly.
  • NON-CONFRONTATIONAL If he can avoid a conflict, he will.
  • PERCEPTIVE Usually can understand others, regardless of whether or not he clues them in.
  • SELF-PRESERVING Every decision he makes is based on what will benefit him.
  • UNDERSTANDING Apt to give second (and third) chances.
  • TENDENCY TO FLEE Tends to runaway from his problems.

Generally, Tedros is a pretty relaxed guy. There are a decent amount of things that bother him (for example, racists, homophobes, and immaturity), but usually won't show that it bothers him. He tends to keep things built up inside of him, including, but not limited to, his emotions. As far as friends go, he doesn't consider anyone a true friend until he's opened up to them. Characteristically, Tedros has a tendency to leave and/or avoid any and all situations that he is not comfortable with. He acts mainly on his own interests and for his own benefit.

Skills and Abilities

  • ARCHERY (MASTER) The bow and arrow are Tedros' most valued items. He learned how to shoot with Gabriel de le Poer when he was a little over a year old, and has been using it as his primary weapon ever since.
  • SCOUT (MASTER) As a child, his first real rank was as an Inferni scout. He continued this skill after he left, and enjoys greeting newcomers the most.
  • READING & WRITING (JOURNEYMAN) Tedros has spent the last four years reading many books, and teaching others how to read. He especially loves working with pups, but he'll teach anyone who wants to learn.
  • CRAFTSMAN (DABBLER) Thanks to Kostya Arsov, Tedros learned how to craft a bow. He also knows how to make new arrows.


  • DRINKING Prefers whiskey. Generally drinks to forget problems and to ease nerves during sex.
  • READING Usually likes to read those awful soft-core-porn romance novels.
  • ROMANCE Tedros enjoys meaningful sex and feeling important like he's important in someone else's life.
  • HORSEBACK RIDING Naturally talened with horses. He spent most of his time in his last pack scouting on a horse.



Adoptive Family


Tedros was born small, but really grew into his body. He has normal coyote markings but a red-tinted coat. His eyes are a deep red wine color similar to that of his mother's. In Optime form, his hair is the same dark red from the back of his pelt, and it's usually a knotted mess. Tedros does not usually wear any form of human (or humanesque) clothing.

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