Ragna Eklund

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  1. 1. Basics
    1. 1.1 Appearance
    2. 1.2 Forms
    3. 1.3 Palette
  2. 2. Personality
  3. 3. History
  4. 4. Threads

Ragna Eklund is a wolfdog from Zion and a member of the Boreas faction. She was born and raised amongst conflict with the Sctintilla coyotes, and has never known of a life of peace. Growing up in this atmosphere and losing loved ones to the "enemy" group, turned Ragna to full-heartedly support to the Boreas cause. She, truly, does not believe Boreas to be in the wrong; if anything, they're the victim, and they only want their honor back and to live without having to constantly look over their shoulders. When Amund Fannar led a splinter group to Nova Scotia, Ragna went along as their scout/spy. She participated in the Boreas Conflict II.







  • Date of Birth: 9 January 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Nickname: Ragna or Eklund
    (do not call her "Rag" unless you're a friend)
  • Pronunciation: RAH-G-nah ee-ehk-LOO-ND
  • Meaning: "advice, counsel" ; "oak grove"
  • Origin: Ancient Scandinavian ; Swedish



Boreas Faction members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Having been given basic information about Ragna's scouting finds
  • Knowing she uses her marten, Glade, to expand her knowledge pool
  • Knowing--through repeated actions rather than her admitting it--of Ragna's amusement with testing her stealth abilities on her comrades
  • Ragna having gotten short with your character upon them irritating her
  • Knowing of Ragna's extreme aggression towards gay men, but surprisingly lesser aggression towards lesbians (particularly if the pair are "strong" females)

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance

  • Species: Appears dominantly wolf, however, her shorter height and shorter fur give it away that she has dog in her.
  • Fur: Double-coat, medium-short in length. She does not sport the "furrier" appearance of a wolf; instead, her coat is rather smooth in appearance and with crisp edges [1].
    • Optime Hair: Cropped short and messy [2]
  • Facial Features: Dominantly wolf-like, minus the fluff. Her ears are small.
  • Build and Size: Very toned, lean, and sleek. She stands on the shorter size range for a wolf-dominate hybrid, but, what she lacks in size, she makes up for in speed and precise attacks; like a bumblebee, she can pack a punch.
    • Lupus and Secui: Sleek but solid build; she does not appear fragile. Her Secui form is simply more muscular.
    • Optime: A repeat of the same. She has strong shoulders and upper body from her work in her preferred profession.
  • Scars:
    • Four claw marks down the left side of her face from a Sctintilla coyote
    • Arrow wound in her left shoulder from a Sctintilla coyote
    • Four teeth marks across her spine from a border skirmish with a Sctintilla coyote when she was younger
  • Humanization: Highly humanized, though can be found often "nude." She prefers concealing and practical clothing with dull or non-conspicuous colors. She is also rarely without a dagger on or near her person if she is without her bow.
    • Clothing:
      • Dark olive green, patterened shemagh
      • Ebony three-quarter-sleeve cotton undershirt
      • Grey leather vest
      • Ebony leather belt with silver buckle
      • Dark khaki cargo pants
      • Thigh-mounted knife holster (attaches to belt) x2
    • Weapons:
      • Knives x4 (two spares are attached to horse saddle; others on person)
      • Bow and Arrow (shoulder quiver mount; can be attached to horse saddle when not in use)

1.2  Forms


72 lbs (33 kg) ↔ 29 in (74 cm)


140 lbs (64 kg) ↔ 42 in (107 cm)


167 lbs (76 kg) ↔ 5 ft 11 in (71 in) (180 cm)

1.3  Palette

Sisal (#D0CAB8)
Soya Bean (#6B604D)
Shark (#202525)
Ice Cold (#A8F0F5)
Mine Shaft (#242424)
Thatch (#B8A191)

Lupus Lineart by Areot || Optime Reference by Songbird

2.  Personality

Ragna is not a girl who's known for being very vocal. What she lacks in voice, she makes up for in her actions. She's calculating and very intelligent, though she may not let on all that she knows. Her mind is a steel trap, and there is little that she will forget, and those that cross her should be wary of this. She is a girl who is loyal to the few she respects; to others, she can be quite vengeful and spiteful. She will tell an ally of everything she knows, she will tell an "enemy" of the basics, but may lie or "forget" about an important detail if it means getting justice for a perceived "wrong". She values honor, but is not above dirtying her hands.

She's hardworking and is never one to let a job go unfinished. She grasps onto orders and tasks given to her quickly, and once she gets a routine down, it's very rare if she doesn't master the skill or task she's been given (i.e. she's taught the "proper" way to perform a scouting patrol once, it takes very little time for her to get it down to something that's second nature, if not perfect it and its methods).


  • Speech: Abrassive, to-the-point, irritable
  • Scent: Pine, minerals, river water, leaf litter, fresh snow, woodsmoke
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She enjoys sneaking up on others and scaring the daylights out of them when they realize how close she got (she will never let them know it amuses her though); Has a tendency to blank-face someone if the conversation doesn't go the way she wants it
  • General Posture and Body Language: Very quiet and methodical in everything she does; Proud and generally cold stature to the point she may come across as arrogant


  • Packs: Strong hatred for Sctintilla and dislike towards Salsola and Inferni
  • Species: Coyotes are hypocrites, are ruthless, and arrogant
  • Gender: Most women are soft, but most men are babies; she lacks respect towards any that fall into these categories
  • Sexuality: Homosexuality is a sin and she will vehemently challenge and pick on a male that has a preference for other men (she is less aggressive towards female on female relationships)
  • Age: Elders are to be respected when their wisdom is sound; yearlings and younger Luperci are generally stupid

3.  History

Born and raised amongst the Boreas faction members, Ragna knows very little of much else. She was the last litter born to her parents, Brynjar Berg and Lára Eklund, and is the only remaining daughter of their brood. She was raised amongst boys, and she was treated like one since she was brought into the world. She has lost many of her family (extended and immediate) and friends to strife against the Sctintilla group, and, because of it, she harbors no good will against one of coyote ancestry.

Due to her smaller size amongst her brethren, she was trained more so in the talents of subterfuge and deadly combat in close quarters, and has shown a strong preference for poison-laced weaponry. She knows very little of a life without conflict or war, and if given the opportunity of a peaceful existence, she would likely not know how to go on with life.

She lives for the next mission, for the next order, for the next fight.

4.  Threads

  1. hate to see you like a monster (1 Jan)
    Black River Reserve with Elkin Ward.
    Elkin and Ragna patrol the area between the camp and the Salsola and Inferni for information.
  2. [M] Hitting Mailboxes (3 Jan)
    Dampwoods with Methuselah Capello.
    Ragna enlists Methuselah's help, and the pair replace some of Inferni's wolf skulls with those of a few unfortunate coyotes.
  3. Go ahead and try and hit me, if you're able (4 Jan)
    Isthmus of Chignecto with Delphinium D'Angelo.
    Delphinium and Ragna cross paths and try to play things casual.
  4. I know your insides are feeling so hollow (5 Jan)
    Dampwoods with Amariah Eld, tNPC Brita Fletcher.
    Boreas' Infiltrator, Amariah, offers what he's found out about the clan during his stay there.
  5. And the lamb said to the shepherd boy (6 Jan)
    Dampwoods with Oriole de l'Or, cNPC Snorri Niequist.
    Using runaway sheep as bait, Ragna and Snorri lure out an Infernian.
  6. Baited (8 Jan)
    Dampwoods with Helena Troy Lykoi, cNPC Snorri Niequist.
    Not satisfied with their previous catch, Ragna and Snorri try to lure out bigger prey.
  7. ideology is destiny (10 Jan)
    Black River Reserve with Boreas.
    The Boreas leaders call for a meeting to discuss tactics and plan their multiple night attacks.
  8. Their heads full of mischief and their newspapers of blood (12 Jan)
    Salsola with Bethlehem Anders, Rafael Salcedo, Emmett de le Poer, Salvia Eternity, Snorri Niequist (NPC), Gjalda (NPC).
    Boreas attacks Salsola in a night raid.
  9. Stand beside one another, cus it ain't over yet (28 Jan)
    Black River Reserve with Idrieus, Loki Helsi, Noel Priyantha, Snorri Niequist (NPC).
    Salsola and Inferni attack the Boreas camp in one final battle.