Fionna Soulstorm

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Fionna Soulstorm (born Fionna vin Haki) is the daughter of Colibri Haki and Niernan Stormbringer. She was born in Vinátta in November 2013 alongside her siblings Russano Stormbringer and Ninian Stormbringer. Fionna lived in Vinátta until February 2015, when her family left the pack to go to the Stormbringer homeland. She returned to Vinátta in November 2015 after her brother also left to return to their birth-pack. Following the move, she changed her surname from vin Haki to Soulstorm.

Fionna is currently a Hollr of Vinátta.






  • Date of Birth: 25 November 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Jordheim, Vinátta
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Vinátta (November 2015)
  • Rank: Hollr (November 2015)
    • Co-Ranks: —



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  • A'somethin'
  • Butts

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Fionna is a fair blend of Arctic wolf and Eastern timberwolf, with little of her appearance giving homage to her Mackenzie Valley wolf heritage.
  • Fur: She has a thick coat of fur, similar to an Arctic wolf's, which grows thicker during the winter months than it does during the warmer ones.
    • Optime Hair: Her optime hair is often tangled and messy, falling just beyond her shoulders. Choppy bangs fall just above her eyes.
  • Facial Features: What does their face look like?
  • Build and Size: Fionna has an athletic build and falls between her short sister and tall brother in height.
    • Lupus: She looks like a wolf through and through, her thick pelt giving her the appearance of being somewhat bigger than she really is.
    • Optime: Tall and athletic with subtle feminine curves. She walks with a humanized posture, generally trying to seem more dominant than necessary.
  • Humanization: Her level of humanization is not very high. The only accessories she wears are her Frithr necklace she got after receiving her adult rank within Vinátta and her Stormbringer totem, a hummingbird.


  • Fur:
    • Her coat is primarily Albescent White to Drover.
    • Dune colors her muzzle, ears, back, and hind paws.
  • Markings:
    • Bull Shot appears on her chin, front stockings, and side highlights.
    • Her sides, tail, and lowlights are coloredIrish Coffee.
  • Eyes: Baby Blue
  • Optime Hair: Optime hair color
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Skin color


Albescent White (#F4EBCB)
Drover (#BABABA)
Bull Shot (#7F4622)
Irish Coffee (#5A3F22)
Baby Blue (#87CECF)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: None
  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None


  • Always wears a necklace with her Frithr pendant and Stormbringer totem attached.



80 lbs (36 kg) — 28 in (71 cm) Athletic build with a thick coat of fur. This form is used infrequently, primarily for traveling long distances or hunting.


160 lbs (58 kg) — 35 in (89 cm) She becomes large with a shaggy mane growing in around her neck. This form is almost never used.

Optime (Preferred)

190 lbs (86 kg) — 6 ft 2 in (185 cm) Somewhat tall and athletic with very humanized posture. This form is used most often.


  • Speech: Speaks softly with a slight stutter to her faintly lilting voice.
  • Scent: Vinátta, horses, flowers, cats
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: --
  • General Posture and Body Language: Stands tall despite her quiet demeanor. Often puffs out her chest in order to seem bigger.


2.  Personality

  • WIP

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: submissive
  • Alignment: Alignment?


  • something
  • something


  • Something: something something
  • Something: something something


  • Packs: She currently knows little of the packs around Nova Scotia, save for what she heard of them prior to her departure to the Stormbringer homeland. She will likely form her own opinions of them as she meets others.
  • Species: --
  • Non-Luperci: Fionna does not know any non-Luperci, and if she did, she would probably think them strange for not wanting to take advantage of the potential of having an Optime form and being able to benefit their life with humanized practices.
  • Gender: --
  • Color: --
  • Sexuality: Believes in monogamy. Gender is irrelevant, and she does not think differently of people based on their relationships or preferences.
  • Age: Believes that there is much to learn from elders. Pups are young and weak and should be protected and also taught right from wrong due to how impressionable young pups are.


  • Kinsey 3: Equally heterosexual and homosexual.

Fionna identifes as pansexual despite having had no real experiences with love and romance. She is not extremely fond of the idea of romantic relationships, preferring to have close friends rather than a romantic partner.


  • Likes: Animals, gardening, socializing
  • Dislikes: Excessively loud individuals, her stutter, being alone


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3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Families

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Niernan Stormbringer is her father, who she looks up to greatly. She is very much a daddy's girl, and views him as a hero despite the fact that he is no longer with her in Vinátta.
  • Colibri Haki is her mom. She is quiet and fragile, and Fionna often sought to protect her when they were still around each other. Now, she misses her mom desperately and hopes that she is alright.
  • Russano Stormbringer is her "big" brother. She followed him back to Vinátta and loves him unconditionally.
  • Ninian Stormbringer is her sister. Fionna loves Ninian unconditionally, because they are sisters. She misses Ninian a lot and hopes that she will come to Vinátta someday, too.

Positive Relations

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Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


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  • Skill (Master): describe skill
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4.2  Inventory


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5.  History

5.1  Achievements


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