Catalyst De Sadira

Catalyst de Sadira

Date of BirthFebruary 7, 2009
Age> 1 year
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeSouth of 'Souls
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateMay 1 2009[1]
SignificancePuppy, member

Catalyst de Sadira is the first born female of the de Sadira litter of Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira and Ryubi ne Pasar. SHe was a member of Dahlia de Mai from May until August of 2009.

1.  Pre-'Souls History

Catalyst is part of four other siblings born as bastard offspring to Anyanka Halfrek de Sadira and a speculation of a father that went by the name of Ryubi ne Pasar. Ryubi remains to be completely unknown and oblivious to Catalyst and the rest of her siblings, for past matters of Ryubi threatening death upon Anya and their unborn whelps if Anyanka so happened to be caught wandering near the territory of Ryubi, or proclaiming that her whelps belonged to him.

Two months was a swift and tedious time span for the de Sadira offspring to effectively communicate and understand words and sentence structure in German, with broken English as a second language (but in Catalyst's case, she is considerably picking up the English language at a progressive and intellectual rate). Life at this point consisted in play and in teachings, until Anyanka made the grave action of attempting to gouge Catharsis's right eye out (due to the fact that it resembled a bad personal omen on Anka's part from the de le Poer lineage).

Seeing as how such an abusive and outlandish action made Anka come to realizations that she was indeed not fit to be a nurturing and stable mother for the litter and for the sake of their development growing up, the pups were taken to 'Souls within Dahlia de Mai, where Anka abandoned the pups to Cercelee, a second cousin from Anka's side of the family. To this day, the de Sadira litter remain in the watchful presence of Cercelee.

1.1  'Souls History

Catalyst, along with her siblings, have been taken to 'Souls within Dahlia de Mai, thanks to Anka dropping them off and soon fleeing afterward for good. Catalyst's first home is situated within the church in The Town of Wolfville in the center of DdM.

1.2  Life within Dahlia de Mai

Up until this point, Catalyst has been accommodating to her surrounds, including the several territories of Dahlia de Mai, and also the individuals that make up the pack. Her first home within DdM remains to be the church situated in The Town of Wolfville, where she resides with Cercelee, Slaying the Dreamer, and her siblings.

2.  Personality

2.1  Initially

Catalyst's personality is difficult to describe in general at this point, for the fact that she is relatively young yet and has several months to go before truly fitting into an identity and personality all of her own. So far, taking the position of the first pup born in the de Sadira litter, Catalyst has exhibited behavior of early dominance. If anything, Catalyst likes to be the one whom others consult in first, and tends to attempt to take over as the leading pup when applicable.

2.2  Later

This is in progress, and will be updated as Catalyst matures.

2.3  Currently

Currently, her personality is the same as it is state in the "Initially" column above.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the de le Poer or Sadira family page for more information.


Immediate Family

3.2  Cercelee & Slaying the Dreamer

Cercelee is the overall guardian, guidance, and comfort. The first initial days, Catalyst was rather untrusting and distant of Cercelee, but in the following days of adjustment, learned to look up to Cercelee as a kind and generous individual who takes immesne care and value within the pups. Slaying the Dreamer is unsure, and Catalyst is constantly testing the waters with him. Due to the fact that she didn't have a father figure up until this point, an adult male influence is highly out of the ordinary with her. She is, however, growing trust slowly but surely, mainly through the exchange of teaching Slay German phrases, and himself teaching her aspects and ideas in English.

3.3  Catharsis de Sadira

The ultimate fire and ice combination. She is both an intense rival but also her polar opposite, in which Catalyst finds balance in. Their relationship is constantly unraveling and nothing short of interesting, for the two share many similarities and differences, its difficult to determine which cancels out the other.

3.4  Palindrome de Sadira

Neutral relationship (more to be added later).

3.5  Avarice de Sadira

Amused by her sister's outlandish behavior and rebellious nature, sometimes Catalyst will team up with Avarice just to be another element of trouble, depending upon what Catalyst will get out of it. She also sees Avarice as somewhat as a threat to her, mainly because it's easy for her to get out of line.

3.6  Roulette de Sadira

Neutral relationship, although Catalyst makes it clear that Roulette is the runt of all of them, and exerts her dominance above him regardless.

3.7  All Friends

A strikethrough implies death

4.  Appearance

Soft, downy fur of ivory is the dominating hue of her hide, with occasional streaks of gray and silver witnessed only in the brightest of sunshine. For a pup, her fur texture is light, fluffy, spiky, flyaway, and thin. There is considerable time to be made within the following months to where her follicles will begin to grow more coarse and laid flat down against her flesh, however it will progressively still retain a sleek sheen. The most striking feature about Catalyst is her pair of two-toned eyes; the right eye a deep and rich cornflower blue, and with the left a piercing steel silver hue.

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