Azucena Lykoi

Azucena Lykoi is the daughter of Zana Avaya Lykoi and Helotes Lykoi. She was born in Inferni in June 2012 alongside her brother, Basilio Lykoi. After having a "quarter life crisis" in August 2015, she left Salsola and Nova Scotia.

Azucena Lykoi

by Nat



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Chaotic Good

Date of Birth

3 June 2012




Birth place




31% Northeastern Coyote
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
12.5% Arctic Wolf
12.5% Mexican Coyote
12.5% Dog
9% Common Gray Wolf
9% Red Wolf




Mate None
Pack None
Rank --


Mates Priam Nothing (sorta)
Inferni (June 2012 - Sept 2013)
Salsola (November 2013 - August 2015)
The Arbiter



  • Optime Hair: Tide (#B4B1A8), highlighted with Whiskey (#D09C6D) throughout, but mostly collecting at the ends
  • Eyes: Equator (#E1B660) rings the inside of pupils, and Shady Lady (#9D999C) colors the rest of the eye
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Ash (#C5BEAF), but Pale Oyster (#A0927D) more towards her back.
    • Lighter Moon Mist (#DED9C9) colors her legs, neck, chin, parts of her face and underside, while Quarter Spanish White (#F6F1E0) colors her true underbelly.
    • Di Serria (#D4915B) outlines the saddle on her back, colors her snout, tips of ears, eyebrows, and ticks through the rest of the fur on her back, neck, head, and tail.
      • Antique Brass (#C98E5C) and Flint (#737067) mix together to color the patches on her cheeks.

Art by Nat

Azucena is tall with a lean body type. She is lanky and flat chested (not really gaining many curves from either parents' genes). She is confident and carries herself that way all the time. She has a velvety soft coat, which hadn't changed much from when she was a pup, and it is a mottled mix of light gray, dark gray and copper colors. She has a white underbelly, but the white gradually turns to gray, and then darker gray, and then eventually copper. The same copper colors are also found on her snout, eyebrows, and the tip of her ears (as well as spattered on her tail some). Her eyes are a gray-lavender color with a starburst of bronze at their center. Her face has a small stripe of brown-gray rimmed with rusty red on each cheek; its thin with a long snout, ending in a shiny black nose. Her ears are large and dark grey, tipped with the same copper highlight found throughout her fur. Despite her absent curves, Azucena's face is very pretty and it makes up for everything else. She has soft, voluminous hair that falls in waves around her face usually taking the focus off of everything else and drawing attention to her face and eyes.





53 lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
xxft xxin (xx in) (xx cm)



  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: The Lykoi Chaos star on her chest, above her left boob.
  • Scars:
    • None.
    • Location, description, how it was obtained.

Clothing & Accessories


  • People Pleaser. Pleasing others, especially those of the higher rank kind, tends to make her happy to know that she's doing something right.
  • Expressive. Azucena does not hide her emotions; whatever she is feeling for the moment, is obvious through her facial expressions, eyes and body language.
  • Scholar. Azucena is always looking for new things or abilities to learn, which often leads to her learning things quickly. Though, her search for knowledge can sometimes lead to destructive behavior if she becomes bored. She loves puzzles, riddles, and new experiences.
  • Short Fuse. Azucena has a roaring temper, inherited from her mother, and is best left alone during these times. It's not hard to make her angry - though, with age, she has learned to control herself somewhat. If provoked by some subject of conversation, she would fall silent and request angrily to change the subject. However, when she can't understand something, she tends to get very frustrated, which can lead to destructive fits (throwing/breaking things, etc.).
  • Vanity. Due to being spoiled by her father when she was younger, she is a little conceited when it comes to her looks. She knows she's pretty and flaunts it as much as she can. Making a crack about her intelligence or beauty is enough to offend her ego.
  • Flirt. Because of her failed love life, Azucena tends to flirt often and look for love in the wrong places. If messing around with someone, she would be the one to catch feelings first and expect more out of the situation than the other is willing to give and then get upset over it later, of course.




  • Likes: Horses, the opposite sex, spear, reading, learning
  • Dislikes: Abandonment, her nuclear family, heat, writing, French, fish



  • Abandonment, losing someone she cares about, death


  • Promotions, being noticed, acknowledgement


Heterosexual. Azucena is a giant flirt and doesn't mind sleeping around. Despite being promiscuous, she is usually the first to catch awkward, unwanted feelings. When she has her eyes on someone, she's subtle about it until the right moment.




Azucena doesn't believe in anything at the moment; however, she did grow up Catholic as a child. Her father practiced it openly.


Key Relations

  • Priam Nothing: Priam was Azucena's first love, and essentially first everything. He was awkward and charming and effortlessly stole her heart without even meaning to or trying, but like most good things in Azucena's life, their relationship came to an end too. Priam became more distant, and even left Inferni a few times. He was not there for her when she was going through the loss of her family and eventually when she left Inferni, she promised to forget him. Despite seeing him afterwards and learning about his "ailments", Azucena is no more comforted by this. He made promises he never kept, and she made a mental note to forget about him. She still struggles with memories of him today.
  • Till Van Ulrich Lykoi: Azucena's relationship with Till was easy-going. While they hadn't really bonded closely, they lived together. Their relationship was positive all the way up until he decided to leave Salsola after turning 1.
  • Myrika Tears: Azucena has a solid respect for Myrika and still holds it true even though the woman is no longer her superior anymore.
  • Vesper: Despite Vesper's cold demeanor, Azucena always looked up to her, and now even as an adult who had left the pack, she still considers Vesper a friend (even if Vesper refuses to admit it) and often visits her to confide in her.

Family: Lykoi, Kimaris, Sadira and Damaichu

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Zana Avaya Lykoi: Azucena's mother. She hates her. When she was younger, she only realized that the woman wasn't present in her life - but as she grew up and had heard stories of her return and then disappearance again, she hates her. What kind of mother would abandon her family anyway?
  • Helotes Lykoi: Azucena's father. Helotes was once one of her favorite people, but since his disappearance and his assumed abandonment as well, he is no longer a favorite of hers. She doesn't hate him as much as her mother - but assumes he left her because he wanted to, taking her brothers with him. If he should ever return, she is unsure of how she would react - but would most likely keep a distance from all of them.
  • Basilio Lykoi: Azucena's brother. She had a decent relationship with him while he was in Inferni. They were your average competitive siblings, but were friendly and close at the same time. Azucena chose to think of Basilio's leave as one not as serious as her father's because he was young and maybe he wanted to go out and see the world. If he returned, she doesn't know how she would react - but she would keep her distance.
  • Timori de le Poer: Azucena's adoptive brother. While they were close when she was a pup and he was her babysitter, when she got older, they distanced from each other. She doesn't take Timori's leave so seriously as she hadn't considered herself to be that close with the awkward teen.
  • Willam la Chemin: She was Azucena's mentor in a way... Azucena looked up to her and enjoyed hanging out and learning from Willam whenever she could.


  • Speech:
    • Sounds a lot like this.
    • No accent, despite knowing both French and Spanish.
    • Speaks informally
  • Scent:
    • Salt, marsh, pine, horses, grass


  • Azucena takes up residence in the Northern Watchtower in Millstone Village.

By Alaine



  • Species: Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Thing.
  • Age and DOB: >5 years.
  • Description: Riley was traded to her when she found she was out on her own without a horse. They quickly became friends because Azucena is very good to him.
  • Personality: Loyal, protective, humorous, perky.



  • Reading (Master): Azucena learned how to read when she was just a pup, and has since refined the skill from reading various books.
  • Writing (Journeyman): The need for writing is not that great since not everyone in NS can read. Though, she has not lost the ability and writes whenever she can.
  • Language: Spanish (Fluent): Azucena is fluent in Spanish.
  • Language: French (Knows A lot): She knows quite a bit of French, but is not fluent.


  • Azucena often gets attached to others because of the absence of family members in her life. She often uses sex to fill the empty hole in her heart, but usually finds herself catching the wrong feelings early on in the relationship.
  • She also doubts herself sometimes when she is unsure if she could do something.


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Azucena was born to the Lykoi family on the 3rd of June, 2012. Her mother, who was a pygmy, had a difficult birth. She was a perfect puppy, unlike her younger brother, Basilio, who shares the same defect as her mother. She was not a huge pup, but certainly wasn't tiny either. From the day she opened her eyes, Azucena was a curious, excitable pup who loved everyone and talked incessantly. Whenever she could, she followed her mother and her father about their business, asking constant questions. "Zuzu", as she is affectionately called by her father, also played with her little brother all the time, whether he wanted to or not. This stable life changed once she turned one month old. Her mother abandoned them suddenly, perhaps overwhelmed by the idea of raising two pups. Of course, her father and adopted older brother Timori did their best to console her, but for the first few days Azucena became hysterical if left alone. After much reassuring, Azucena began to overcome this separation anxiety, but sometimes she still gets upset when alone. She has no delusions that her mother might suddenly reappear in her life, and Azucena wouldn't welcome her back even if she did, feeling somewhat spited and insulted by having been abandoned to her father's care. Zuzu's life continued like this through puppy-hood, following her cheerful father and messing with her brothers as she learned about this new world that had welcomed her.

During the summer of 2013, Helotes, Basilio, & Timori left for a Freetown run only to never return. Feeling as though her family used an excuse to high-tail it out of there, Azucena soon found it was easier to just leave Inferni behind her. She left the pack without notice, taking all of her belongings with her and lived as a loner for a while before joining Salsola.