Aurèle Aston

Aurèle Aston is a member of the Aston family and former member of AniWaya. She has since retired to Lac Sakami along with her loyal son Anatole Aston.

Aurèle Aston

Name MeaningAurèle; golden, gilded. Aston; Eston east town; ash tree settlement
Name OriginFrench
Date of BirthJune 3, 2003
Subspecies90% Canis lupus arctos ortus
10% Canis lupus albus ortus
Birth placeNorthern Québec, Canada
Current packLoner
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
'Souls Profile

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  1. 1. History
    1. 1.1 Off-Board
    2. 1.2 'Souls
    3. 1.3 Spirit Guide
  2. 2. Relationships
    1. 2.1 Familial Relations
  3. 3. Appearance
    1. 3.1 Scars

1.  History

1.1  Off-Board

Aurèle's childhood was spent almost unremarkable. She and her siblings were raised by loving parents, and initially got along. Sometime during her adolescence, Aurèle's personality changed for the worst, however. She began picking on her siblings, specifically going after Tayui and Barthélémy, though she only showed physical violence towards Bart. There was no explanation for this sudden shift in behavior, and when confronted about it Aurèle turned viciously defensive and often stormed off. To this day, she has not revealed why this shift occurred. After a fire ripped apart their pack, Aurèle left. She spent the next four years wandering and taking up with strangers, right up until she caught her sister's scent.

1.2  'Souls

Aurèle initially lived as a loner, spending most of her time in solitude. Initially, the only person that Aurèle seemed to warm up to was Bane Kiles, so much so that she seduced and slept with him. She spoke with her sister a few times and found that Tayui had taken up with a tribe called AniWaya, and that she was pregnant. This startled Aurèle, and perhaps provoked the motherly instinct in her--not long after, she began hanging around AniWaya and visiting her sister's children. Whether or not this was because of the bodies that she had found in the Lighthouse is up for debate. Then, for over a month, Aurèle vanished.

When she returned she offered no explanation. She more or less raped Jefferson Soul while drunk, and provoked Corvus Vendetta into assaulting her. Through him, she conceived two children. Not long after they were born, she took the boys and left AniWaya without saying a word to anyone. Anatole Aston and Athanase-Sade Aston were raised in transience, as Aurèle did not settle anywhere in particular. Athanase was swept away by a river and never found. Anatole returned to his birthplace of AniWaya for almost a year, but ultimately returned to Aurèle's side.

She has since retired to Lac Sakami along with her loyal son Anatole Aston. Aurèle took up the mantle of Culture-Keeper, and settled in to watch Anatole start his own family within the pack.

1.3  Spirit Guide

Following her night with Corvus, and a series of peculiar dreams involving his other victims, Aurèle woke realizing she was pregnant. She also found that a pied crow was following her, though after announcing itself the bird refused to make a further sound. Aurèle is a skeptic as far as the mystical power of the bird is concerned, despite having this explained to her by Dawali.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Familial Relations

3.  Appearance

Long legged and built large. Mostly white fur with tan flaws throughout, though as she has aged her fur has begun to ivory and yellow. Her most striking feature is her eyes, which are a brilliant green.

3.1  Scars

  • Neck - On the back of her neck are three parallel scars, the Korean symbol for 'heaven', caused by Corvus Vendetta.