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Freetown, Maine


Statistics & Foundation

Primary Map

  • Location: Rockland, Maine, USA
  • Status: OPEN
  • Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French, and German
  • Travel Information:
    • Saint John to Freetown is 356 km (221 miles).
    • It takes about three days (~80 hours) on foot non-stop -- most canines, however, will want to rest. Especially leisurely travel may take up to five days. The trip can be made at a blistering pace in about a day.
  • Roleplay Information: This location is outside of the playable 'Souls area. You are not permitted to thread within this area unless it is in LASKY.

1.  Description & Significance

Once a bustling trade port, Freetown is located on the Maine coast. It is situated to the south of 'Souls.

Much of Freetown itself has been destroyed, both by time and the Luperci living within it. Houses in the "Freetown Proper" area, the most densely populated area within Freetown, are spaced very widely, as many of their neighbors have been razed to the ground by Luperci. The homes themselves are usually in various states of disrepair, some enterprising canines constructing their homes of the bits and pieces of remnant wood. Others still live underground, having dug old-style wolf's dens in the fields of Freetown.

Further destruction rattled Freetown in the aftermath of the meteorite, and the consequential air-blast and flooding razed massive sections of the city to the ground. It was not long after this that the majority of traders (and their families) abandoned the city for better prospects. Most relocated to Portland, leaving behind those unfit or unwilling to make the journey.

As such, the canines left behind have begun taking advantage of a newly lawless "city" for their own purposes.

2.  Culture

2.1  Economy

Once thriving, the economy of Freetown has taken a severe nosedive.

2.2  Trade

There is no longer a steady stream of goods coming into the city, and fewer traders make their way to it. This has soured the profitability margin for those left behind, though there are always people willing to trade in terms of labor.

3.  Lifestyle

3.1  Species & Luperci

Freetown is almost universally Luperci -- non-Luperci are extremely rare in this area, and most of the areas surrounding are also Luperci. While wolves and coyotes are the dominant species, dogs and jackals are also common.

3.2  Language

Primarily English, though various other languages are heard.

3.3  Structure

While law and order (more or less) once ensured relative safety in Freetown, with the mass exodus of its stable economy things have begun to spiral out of control. Power struggles between those who did not leave and opportunistic canines passing through have become the norm, with some instances of groups banding together for a common purpose.


Lacking enforcement, the new law in Freetown is only the law of personal integrity – Luperci behave as they choose, be it good or bad. In general, those who have made “claims” in the area are respected, and a larger group is less likely to find itself harassed by scavengers or thieves.


With so many people passing through, religion and religious practices within Freetown are varied.

4.  'Souls Characters

  • Ahren de le Poer told Kaena Lykoi to send correspondence for him through Freetown.
  • Rurik Russo passed through Freetown on his way home to Sobiratsya at some point or another.
  • Canines of Freetown came to 'Souls in early 2012 in the Winter Festival 2012.
    • Several of these later established and did business at the The Outpost before returning in early 2016.
  • Many members of the Quayle family made their way to Freetown and currently reside here. Many family members are mercenaries for hire and are involved in crime in the town in some fashion.

5.  History

  • Freetown was formed early on: a wolf pack gathered to the east the same year as the apocalypse. They soon overtook the town, living in a rather feral manner at first despite their humanized surroundings.
  • The arrival of Svantevit pack members helped push the area toward far more human lifestyles -- the previous pack soon disintegrated, though its remnants and descendants make up the Freetown Hostel's canines.
  • The traders and trade ships did not begin arriving until mid-2003; overseas trade did not truly take root and become a lucrative practice in Freetown until 2005.
  • Following the catastrophic events of the 2016 meteorite crash, Freetown was largely abandoned -- most of its notable traders moved to Portland.

6.  References

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